If President Obama would come to my garage sale it could be my “stimulus” package

I watched with great interest as President Obama and his entourage of many dropped in (like it wasn’t planned for days) to a Washington hamburger joint called Five Guys hamburgers and fries to pick up lunch for himself and staffers.  I wasn’t so intrigued by the fact that he liked Five Guys hamburgers (they are great)  but the aftermath of the visit was quite astounding.  Even though it is a pretty hopping place  for lunch normally, now you cannot drive by there without seeing an unbelievable line literally wrapped around the block at all hours of the day and night.

It got me to thinking. I know he’s real busy with the war, the economy and stuff, but if he and maybe  his wife could kind of make the rounds of  a few small businesses a week, you know, buy a dress here, a hot dog there… Then that could give the backbone of the U.S. economy (small businesses) a real leg up.  I’m sure any of these small businesses that would reap the benefits would put the extra money to good use. Like , paying higher interest rates on credit cards, higher gas, health care, higher insurance premiums, higher food costs, and of course , helping bail out every stupid, greedy, large corporation that doesn’t have a clue.  So, President Obama, I could use a few bucks myself, my garage sale is this Saturday and I have plenty of room for a nice long line.


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