Letterman, we’re just not that into you

At the risk of beating a dead horse… David letterman needs to cough up a “real” apology and fast.  Just swallow the big pill, get the chip off the shoulder, quit trying to make those stupid half baked “joke” apologies and just do the deed.   You know the old woman scorned thing, well it just doesn’t fade into the sunset  when you pick on someones kid (no matter hold old the child is).

A list of Letterman’s show sponsors is already floating in cyber space and you know how we all love to boycott , especially in this economy when we are up for any excuse not to buy. Even if you really didn’t mean it exactly like you said it, or you felt it was misconstrued, or blah,blah,blah… you could probably put the skids on the downhill slide of your popularity/show/career with two simple words.  Just get over your self and do it before your doing stand-up in Peoria.


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