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Just to show you that I really don’t have much of a life, I have counted over the last two weeks 19 magazines that have either Jon, Kate, or both, or some of the kids, or all of the kids, or the body guard or the alleged girl friend or their house, or their kids playhouse, or their vacation spots, bathing suits, belly buttons, Ed Hardy clothing, and of course that weird hair style of Kate’s, on the front cover.

I, like millions of Americans evidently living under a rock, had never seen the show before the “season premier” a few weeks ago.  That is when those of us that had never laid eyes on a Jon and Kate tuned in (millions more than usual according to the ratings) to see what all the hoopla was about.  I had no expectations of course, not having ever seen an episode, but I did have prior knowledge of the reported tension, strife and marital problems.  I’m not a huge fan of reality shows (except Survivor) preferring to have my programming littered with as much non-real stuff as I can possibly grasp.

What I did see was a family making an awful lot of money for throwing a birthday party. Granted, the party was for sextuplets, which isn’t entirely common but in my view the whole thing was less than entertaining.  Now, the back story of Jon and Kate, not talking to each other and trying to avoid each other at all costs during the  entire  filmed for tv birthday  party, was a bit of a chuckle, but not enough to keep me coming back for more. 

Even though I’m a newbie to the show the kids appeared “real” but Kate reminded me of an actor school reject.  She was very one dimensional and seemed  full-of-herself.  Jon seemed  sad, somewhat pathetic and detached when not interacting with his children and constantly looked fed up. She appears to have little respect for her husband and you get the idea that Jon would rather be snowboarding  than doing anything with his wife.  So, why not pull the plug?  The happy show is no longer happy. The premise has changed and not for the better. It’s so obvious that these kids are now being used for the money. Some people would call this child abuse. I call it parental greed.  Jon and Kate +$$$.


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