PETA weighs in on Obama fly slaughter

Okay everyone, flies carry both human and animal disease.  They carry streptococus and staphylococus, among many others. They can and do much harm to livestock, including giving cows and horses pink eye.  And of course, they can literally ruin a good picnic.  This really should be the end of the discussion. But, it is not.

Had to be a slow news day yesterday as various  major news outlets were reporting  on the filmed CNBC interview that showed President Obama swatting, and  ultimately killing (gasp) a fly. I personally would love to be a fly on the wall in the oval office but, that’s another story.   I don’t imagine PETA would have even gotten involved in this  fly slaughter but some smart thinking short-on-words for their story reporters called PETA and, I swear to God, asked them for an official response on the fly “execution”. 

So PETA, always on the look-out for free publicity babbled something about “compassion to even the least sympathetic animals” and sent off  (no, I’m still not making this up) a humane devise that traps flies,  presumably on the fly, to the President.   I personally would prefer to capture my flies with chopsticks (Mr. Miyagi style)  but I suppose really good hand-eye coordination would come into play. In case readers have never heard the old newspaper term “non-story”  This is basically it.

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