What is in the water over at FOX News?

So, I was watching  the O’Reilly “factor” last night for a while on FOX News (does anyone know what that “factor ”  part is supposed to mean?) and he is still whining about what the other major news outlets are doing.  More specifically he is overly concerned about CBS,NBC,ABC and CNN, and  what he perceives as their “bias” in favor of President Obama, and his administration, and his wife, and his dog, and his kids, and what he eats for lunch apparently.

 What is in the water over at FOX?  Why can’t they deliver the news without this pounding on the other networks mentality.  They are quickly becoming the bullies of the airwaves.  The fact that the other news outlets report  favorable news about the President is absolutely driving O’Reilly nuts. 

Last night shed some real light on his obsession. He asked viewers to vote in their FOX  poll which of these; CBS,NBC,ABC and CNN is the most biased in favor of Obama?  Of course this won’t be a scientific poll, just your average FOX, tell us what you think because this is so important for us to bash the other networks poll.

I’m not dimwitted but I just don’t get it. Even if the entire population of New York voted that NBC was definitely biased towards Obama, and Florida went with CBS and Illinois went with CNN, how does this  stupid poll aid FOX in covering the news?   Oh, I forgot, if everyone else is totally biased then that must mean FOX is fair and off-balance.


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