Don’t cry for me Argentina, I already did for five days

South Carolina Governor Mark Sandford said he spent his last five days in Argentina  crying.  His staff and other South Carolina politicians spent those same five days trying to figure out where the heck  he was, and who in fact was technically in charge of the state.  His wife no doubt, spent those same five days fielding questions from press and everyone and his brother on his where-abouts.  And the rest of the country, whether we really gave a rat’s ass or not where he was, spent those same five days listening to the media drone on, speculate and question where he was. 

We got to hear about how he needed time off to re-group,  how he left in a black SUV and avoided his security detail, all very cloak and dagger. I mean this whole scenario just screamed  something is very strange . So why would anyone think it strange that he ended up in the arms of a very “dear friend” in Argentina.  High profile politicians have for years let their power , authority and arrogance get in the way of good judgement.  In some cases they were voted into office never having  exercised good judgement to begin with.  

The moral issue is not for me to judge,  the wife kicked him out and the family pain must be tremendous. But, the act of leaving the country and apparently not even letting your staff or the Lieutenant Governor know your destination seems like reckless behavior to me.  Don’t these  politicians know that in this day and age with the Internet, twitter, etc. that they literally cannot do a thing without it commanding attention half-way around the world in seconds?  For instance, on some of those five days he said he was crying in Argentina,  he was actually spotted with his “very good friend” in a bar. I suppose he could have been crying in his beer , but unlikely.





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