Blog about Sarah Palin and she might sic her lawyer on you

The blogosphere is trembling as I write.  Sarah Palin has done the equivalent of shooting herself in the foot. No, not by quitting her post as Governor of Alaska but by having her Lawyer send a letter threatening legal action to an Alaskan blogger.  Shannyn Moore is a Huff Post blogger (  and radio personality that has really caught the brunt of Palin’s wrath.   She recently wrote a blog about Palin quitting as governor and then proceeded to speculate about the ton of rumors that surround Palin and her crew.  Apparently Palin and her lawyer got the idea that writing about rumors and stating they were rumors is the same as a factual article.

Moore was apparently singled out because she went on MSNBC the day Palin quit and waxed not-so-poetically about her. I personally read Moore’s blog on Friday and got a chuckle out of it. I never got the idea that she was reporting fact when she was writing on the 101  rumors that abound with Palin, when she was writing fact it was obvious; Palin quit.  Evidently Palin and her lawyer see things (or read things) differently. 

Palin’s knee-jerk reaction to things certainly doesn’t add to her political finesse, so if she has higher  political aspirations this isn’ the way to go. On the other hand, if she truly does want to be out of the political limelight, this isn’t the way to go.  Hundreds of Sarah Palin rumors run rampant on the internet.  Just Google her name and see what comes up. Dozens of blogs, and thousands of public comments on those blogs come up daily.  Some of the comments are quite mean and nasty, but heh, it’s called freedom of speech.   What this boils down to is her soccer mom tactic of intimidation and bullying. You betcha!

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  1. newsy1

    Thanks for the compliment. I think when you are in the public eye it’s rough all around. Some people are not cut out to take the heat-I know I couldn’t.


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