Hey! Congressman Peter King we’re sick of you too

So, it seems that New York Congressman Peter King , a Long Island Republican, is sick of what he claims is too much Michael Jackson coverage.  He claims that a  lot of his constituents  are asking him “when is this stuff with Jackson going to end”?  That is quite odd to me, I mean, calling and/or commenting to your Congressman about news coverage?  I mean, wouldn’t you call news outlets?  Or news people?  Or news sponsors?  Or you know, someone even remotely connected to the dissemination of news?

In King’s YouTube rant (which surely will come back to haunt him when he tries to run for the Senate) he calls Michael Jackson a “pervert, pedophile, and child molester”.  Our esteemed Congressman also  states on YouTube that the coverage of Jackson is glorifying “a low life ” .   Lest you think this is next to impossible language coming from a United States Congressman , look it up on YouTube yourself.  Is it hard to believe? Yes. Is it lowlife?  Most certainly yes. 

The reason it is hard to believe is because Michael Jackson was acquitted of a 2005 child molestation charge  and two others were settled out of court. I’m not saying that their isn’t a cloud hovering over those settled cases, or that some people don’t have doubts . But, King is speaking as if Jackson had convictions, and he is basing his comments purely on his own educated (ha ha) opinion. 

King also called what he perceived as the excess coverage of Jackson as “too politically correct”. I’m totally lost here. If someone knows what that means, please drop me a line.  And, the showstopper YouTube  statement of  his when referring to Jackson being a pervert etc. “Giving this much coverage to him day in day out, what does this say about us as a C0untry?” I can only come up with another question on this one  Congressman King;  How in the name of God does a Congressman who is supposed to uphold the Justice System (among others) of the United States of America  use his political stature and opinion to convict ANYONE  in a public forum?  And, what does THIS say about us as a Country to allow it?  I guess we’ll see the next time  you run  for dog catcher or whatever…



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3 responses to “Hey! Congressman Peter King we’re sick of you too

  1. Eva

    You are dead on!

    I really wish that King of all BS will be voted out of office for his disgusting comments. Yikes!

    Love your blog!


  2. newsy1

    Thanks for the compliment on my blog. I certainly will read yours as well.


  3. It is always enjoyable to read your stuff. Your light hearted humor seams to make you forget about the daily crap, even if only for a moment. Anything that can do that, is worth taking the time to read.

    That is my simple and, of course, unsophisticated critique.



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