FOX NEWS bobble heads could stand to take a few mental health days

I worked in the print news business years ago.  We used to joke on unusually bad or hectic days that we could sure use a day off.   Since we weren’t actually physically sick we would profess that we needed a day off  for our mental health.  No boss I ever had bought any of this psycho babble  of course, but,  that didn’t stop us from throwing it out there.  In those days we actually had to go out and find news.  I know it sounds absurd, but we had to investigate, pound the pavement, bug the hell out of people, make a trillion phone calls on regular land line phones,  and imagine this; we had to always find at least three  reliable sources and three different quotes,  from three different people for any single story.  Sounds like a fairy tale doesn’t it?  

But, I digress.  I started thinking about some of the bobble heads over at FOX News.  I noticed as of late that some of them appear to be in the midst of  shall we say, a meltdown?  Now I never worked for a hard hitting news emporium such as FOX  but I can only imagine the stress these on-air  “news personalities” must be under.  And those endless hours of sitting on couches, stools and chairs reading those teleprompters and deciphering those notes in their laps has to be exhausting.  Just the idea  of  knowing that the news literally comes to you and you have no control what-so-ever in  finding it or researching  it, or fact checking it,  but only dispensing it and changing it could possibly drive one to the brink.

And think about some of the FOX shows that have to stress over that viewer mail, twitters and actual phone calls that they have to answer on the air. I mean, would that not require a mental health day just to recover from someone telling YOU,  a FOX bobble head that they disagree with you?

I’m sure many of us have come to believe that the screaming, tantrums, unprofessional antics and berating  of viewers and listeners  by some  on FOX News ,  is quite simply,  just  their on-air personas.   But, I found three  reliable sources that told me I was wrong.


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