Obamas to vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, some of us left to our own backyard’s

Okay, so I’m jealous.  The President and his family (including the dog) are going to rent a $20 million vacation farm in the  uppity Chilmark section of Martha’s Vineyard next month, for a week  or two according to the Vineyard Gazette Online.  The Blue Heron Farm boasts a pool, 28.5 acres, a golf tee, basketball court, a Victorian farm house, apple orchard, hay barn used for entertaining , and access to a private beach among other amenities.  While the rental price is evidently top secret locals say that  most likely it falls into the $35,000 to $50,000 a week category.  Wow!  Imagine that, a years salary for some people.   A veritable windfall for some out-of-work people.

Now, I voted for the guy so I’m not President bashing here, and I don’t doubt that the family could use a little R&R  but the White House is big,  you could turn a whole floor into a  virtual vacation wonderland.  As far as the average American goes many of us are sticking close to home these days due to you know, no jobs and no money.   Some  of us are taking day trips to try and evoke that feeling of going somewhere.  I just day tripped myself to our local supermarket to be told my coupons had expired.  Then I tripped right over to our local gelato emporium but they had a sign on the door stating they had gone out of business.  It’s Saturday,  so I tripped on over to the bank to get some cash. Turns out they cut their hours on Saturday due to insufficient staffing. 

I live near a National Park so I decided I would take a day trip into the park, bring a picnic, view the wildlife etc.   I got near the park entrance and about 50 cars were ahead of me. The line was moving so slowly I thought maybe something was wrong up ahead.  Quite a few cars were trying to get out of line and turn around to leave. I asked someone on the way out with a car load of kids what was up.  He said the park fee had doubled and his family just couldn’t afford it.  

So, for many of  us who have visions of Martha’s Vineyard in our heads.  or  Myrtle Beach, the Hamptons or the Disney Cruise,  we may just have to settle for our own back yards with a tent and a cooler.  But, don’t feel guilty Mr. President as your teeing off,  or walking on that private beach,  given enough time, surely the economy will fix itself, and reasonable health care will fall into our laps and swamp land in Florida will skyrocket.   Oh yeah, don’t send any postcards, we’re already on the edge.

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