“Beer summit” private, news outlets forced to find real news (gasp!)

We have no idea just how lucky we are.  Thanks to the Obama administration deciding not to be transparent on the issue of the “beer summit,” we the people, will be spared the undeniable  press scrutiny of ; Bottles or cans?  What kind of glasses did thery drink out of?   Who drank first?  Did they Toast?  Did they finish the whole beer?  Did they have more than one? and of course; What kind of message is this beer drinking  sending to our youth?

For those living under a rock, this gathering in the Rose Garden at the White House this evening will include Harvard Professor Henry Gates, Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley and the President.  The short version is: Gates was having trouble getting into his own house, Crowley showed up after someone called 911 stating a potential break-in,  both became indignant and possibly not-nice to each other  . Gates was arrested, let go immediately, Crowley said he was right, Gates said Crowley was racist. They both think they were right.

Now their actually is an underlying problem here. Possible racist attitude, possible police authority complex, and a good chance that Obama fueled the fire by stating that the Cambridge Police acted stupidly. And it appears that these are the issues that Obama wants to get on the table with Gates and Crowley.  Obama said “I hope the get-together will inspire better discussion and this kind of dialogue has to happen at every level of society.” Makes sense to me.    But, some of the “news” people can’t seem to get over that they are not invited to what the press has labeled the “beer summit”.

I actually think it is hysterical that the press is going to have to stay 40 ft. away from the Rose Garden this evening with their cameras.  No audio will be allowed either.  They won’t be able to “report” who has the biggest head on their beer, or spin any comments uttered from the three.   This has to be killing FOX and CNN particularly, what will they talk about when the meeting is  over.  How will they “analyze”  how fast the beers were drank.   Oh, the non-transparency of it all.  They might actually have to go out and find some real news.


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