Top 10 news stories I would like to see written in slow-news August

In the news business, August is the traditional slow news month.  Most politicians are basically out-to-lunch, ( like that’s something new)  or on vacation.  Television news has little to spin, so in many cases they actually make-up news (surprise!) or the bobble heads themselves go on vacation and put in their third string bobble heads to report grass growing or air breathing etc. I have my own wish list of stories I would like to see written during the dog days of August and here they are;

10. Lou Dobbs snaps, starts making sense on air, CNN  head says show cancelled due to plummeting ratings

9.   Birthers start their own civilization in Kenya

8.   Goldman Sach’s purchases remote island, banishes all CEO’s to island for Survivor type game-for life

7.  Tim Geithner’s house to be auctioned off to the lowest bidder

6.   The word “Czar” to be stricken from dictionary, no one can agree on definition

5.   CNN and FOX  News join forces for reality news show

4.   House and Senate break for vacation, head to Appalachian Trail, still missing…

3.   Wall Street and Banking Industry CEO’s apologize to American People for “Crashing the economy and fleecing the public” 

2.   New Cash For Clunkers program:  Top banking and Wall Street CEO’s receive CLUNKERS as bonuses

1.   New American Citizens King  strips House and Senate members of health insurance  until all Americans are provided  reasonable health care of their choice


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