CNN and FOX should join forces to produce reality news program

We all know how CNN and FOX love polls.  Well, I took my own unscientific poll  today of  bloggerrs,  people that comment on blogs,  people that comment on any and every venue out there  and close friend and relatives that I felt I could sway (Isn’t that how FOX and CNN do it?)   So, the stats are in:  Since CNN and FOX are becoming almost interchangable  a majority of those polled , 80% in fact, said they would like to see CNN (acronym for contains no news) and FOX (Faux news)  join their “creative” forces and come  up with a reality based , possible summer replacement show, based on actual REAL news.  Quite frankly, the other 20% surveyed either don’t believe in reality or don’t watch T.V.

Most felt that both CNN and FOX have got to be at their wits-end with the time and effort it must take to actually have to make up the news.  Lou Dobbs alone, has been probably working overtime with all that Birther stuff.  And, the energy expended over at FOX with all the yelling, screaming, crying and tirades against viewers,  must have their on-air “personalities”  exhausted to the bone.  Most people don’t realize this but it is a lot harder to come up with fiction than non-fiction.  With non-fiction news you can quite simply report what actually happens.  Even though their talking bobble heads  might have to do a little research,  in the long run it is actually known to be a real crowd pleaser. And we know ratings are of the utmost importance to these  guys.

No doubt the colorful personalities of both CNN and FOX will blend seamlessly.  Many similarities exist.  Both news entities bow to corporate America, belittle the average American, hate criticism, only air commercials they agree with,  back their “news” people” even in the face of loss in viewership, and of course, rarely  back down even when patently wrong and/or unethical.  Now coming up with a reality news show name could be tough, both CNN and FOX will want top billing but maybe the name; News Not Stupid Views,  should do the trick.


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