Send in the clowns; Palin,Gingrich,Romney and Huckabee in 2012?

While  many of us feel the weight of the world on our shoulders as we :  A.  Try to find a job  B.  Try to find health insurance or  C.  Try to find a politician worth his or her weight in dirt, stories are surfacing already about the up-coming  2012 elections.  After all it’s just around the corner.  Kenneth Vogel of  reported today “Some of the Republican Party’s next best hopes are laying the groundwork to replace Obama or at least secure their place in the GOP hierarchy.”    Your guess is as good as mine on that hierarchy part, I didn’t realize they had one anymore.

Evidently all evidence points to Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee  laying the groundwork  for presidential bids.  I suppose bid is the key word here. Maybe a silent auction would be good, then nobody would have to lay claim to actually voting  for these clowns.  But, on the darker side, imagine Palin and her crew running for anything higher than the P.T.A.  She really needs to quit running for office and just run for cover.  Gingrich, well, politics is just too important to be left to the politicians. Besides, I think he would miss the talk show couch circuit.  Romney and Huckabee?  I don’t necessarily see leadership qualities. They both seem shortsighted and long-winded to me.

According to Vogel, the four are amassing quite a bit of cash but the clowns claim they are only trying to help rebuild the Republican party and the conservative movement. Other top Republicans say no matter who runs on the GOP ticket it takes years to amass the hundreds of millions needed.  So, while the clowns are “rebuilding’  the rest of us can maybe do something about the economy, the greedy banks and health care.  You can’t fool all the people all the time, but  evidently some politicians figure that once every four years is good enough.


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