Top 10 people that have oversaturated entertainment news

1.  Chris Brown;  This man/boy first and foremost needs a few pointers in public speaking. Saying “like” before and after every sentence, never looking an interviewer in the eye and bringing his mother along on interviews doesn’t  necessarily instill confidence and sincerity in what ever the hell he is saying. You see, when you tell the truth you usually don’t trip yourself up, and end up sounding so STUPID.

2.  Levi Johnston;  This guy is so busy collecting money for every thing he says that he forgets what he has said in the past. Yeah, he has gotten that 15 minutes and is milking it for everything he can muster up. Unfortunately, he is so wound up in his own spin that he thinks whatever he says is believable. Cut the crap Levi, and go back to hunting and fishing and oh yeah, maybe helping out with your own kid.

3.  John Gosselin;  Take out the 80’s earrings Jon, and the totally stupid tee shirts and quit pretending your God’s gift. You fit into the New York, Hollywood and Vegas scenes about as well as  Elmo. Actually Elmo is cuter.  For stating you don’t like the limelight, you are sure trying hard, too hard, to get yourself noticed. You are becoming a laughing stock, and don’t get that you are NOT cool. Instead of trying to play Hollywood, how about the role of father, you idiot.

4.  Kate Gosselin; We get it Kate. You are the martyr. You have eight kids, that you bore, and one that flew the coop because you treated him like shit. You were the bully and now you have to go it alone.  Quit whining and go write another boring book.  You will be fine because you will eventually find someone else to boss around, but some day your kids will figure all this stuff out and resent the hell out of their young lives being spent on camera, just so you could be a television star with a bad hair-do.

5.  Octomom;  Nadya Suleman obviously has a few loose screws.  I can’t help thinking if their is a God, why would he let this happen?  We are going to be reading about some of these kids in the future and it won’t be pretty. It’s too sad to even joke about.  She needs to shut up, hunker down and focus on these kids, or else she is in for a terrible storm.

6.  Spencer and Heidi;  Everyone just has to stop writing about these non-entities (including me).  Every dumb thing they utter finds its way into print. Why?  Even combined they have no talent. I would love a moratorium on their pictures and words.

7.  Candy spelling;  Wherever old Hollywood directors wives go to chill out, and shut up, that is where she needs to go. There is no fool like an old fool.

8.   Any Hollywood star, singer etc. that is pregnant and gushing like it is the first time  on earth anyone has ever been pregnant, and how it has changed them, rocked their life, how perfect it is-or will be etc.  Many of us have done it and are well aware how it really is, and we didn’t have nannies, cooks, cleaning staff , personal shoppers, caterers, pool boys, gardeners, security guards and assistants.

9.  Lee Ann Rimes and Eddie  Cibrian; They act like their 15, caused their respective families a lot of pain and embarrassment, and will end up doing the same thing to each other. Sure people get divorced all the time, but flaunting an affair in print and public is usually a no-win for everyone involved. I’m sick of seeing and hearing about them.

10. Miley Cyrus; From her pole swinging, boring tweets, unattractive clothes, teen boyfriends, goofy father or whatever. She’s just oversaturated the market. Go be a teen, but some of us would rather not hear about it every time you go for ice cream, or change boyfriends, or giggle.  Please.


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