Kanye West goes from cool to fool

Evidently a certain segment of the population and MTV crowd has in the past dubbed Kanye West a pretty cool dude. But, last night at the MTV awards he was booed off the stage-and rightly so.  Being the iconic egoist that he is, he jumped the stage during an acceptance speech by Taylor Swift for her Best Female video award, grabbed the mike and shouted that Beyonce had been more or less robbed for her “Single Ladies” video, that he felt was one of the best videos of all time.

The key words here being “he felt”. Like God himself was speaking to the masses. Talk about low-life antics, right on a par with Serena Williams swearing at the lineman at the Open recently, and Rep. Joe Wilson calling the President a liar at a joint session of Congress. Besides etiquette lessons, what do these people need?  Prozac, time out in a padded room, duct tape?  They are such an embarrassment to their respective professions and the human race that it is hard to comprehend that they could possibly have a civil bone in their body.

Swift looked shocked as West jumped on stage, but remained composed and stood speechless, as West interrupted her acceptance speech. The cameras cut to commercial and when they came back she was gone.  When the cameras panned to Beyonce in the audience she looked stunned.  When Beyonce won her award for video of the year for “Single Ladies” she called Taylor on stage to give her uninterrupted speech. What a class act that Beyonce is, and Taylor also.

Now supposedly there is a huge backlash creeping up on West, people are mortified, upset, etc. and on his blog he has apologized to Taylor. Big deal. I think this type of uncivilized behavior requires a lot more coming down on him.  It will affect him if it doesn’t blow over quickly and it actually loses him money, star power and of course gigs.  What he did to another fellow performer was cruel and unjust.  So, to start the ball rolling I think Jay Leno, who is supposed to have him as a guest on his premier show, should kick his sorry ass to the curb.  Come on Jay, we don’t want to sit around listening to his stupid explanations of why he did what he did, or some absurd un-heartfelt apology. This guy needs to pay big time. Man-up and do it Leno and maybe others will follow…   Update:  Jay Leno did have him on his show last night, and even thanked West for not backing out of the show, as Leno felt many in his position would have.  He talked to West about the “incident” and even asked him what his mother (who died last year) would have thought of his behavior.  I felt West didn’t make a lot of sense on the show and at one point was close to tears. It was really hard to tell if he was sorry for what he did, or sorry because of the public reaction.


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