President Obama “fits in” even on David Letterman Show

I don’t watch the David Letterman show much.   But, last night I decided to take a peek because our President of the United States was going to spend about 40 minutes on the show. I tried to picture Bush, or any other sitting presidents on such a show and came up laughing, not because they would be funny but because it would most likely be “awkward funny.”  Now of course the right-wing-nuts are already spewing forth their diatribe of how un-presidential it was to go on a late night talk show, how he is over saturating the airwaves and blah, blah, blah.

I think the idea was great, the performance was great, and our President is pretty damn funny.  I loved Letterman asking him about his detractors and asking if he felt (as others have said) that such comments are now racially motivated . Obama’s answer “Well, I was a black man before I became President.”   Hey, this guy is a study in quick wit comedy.  I found the show totally amusing as well as informative.  But, more importantly I like that our President feels so good and comfortable in his own skin that he can go on a show that pretty much makes fun of him night after night and can roll with whatever comes his way.  He can be self deprecating and seemingly fit in with us all.

I liked his informal manner, talking about the kids, the vacation, and at the appropriate time he threw in the serious stuff.  Sure it was PR for the President and his ideas but so what?  Sure he was trying to get the largest audience possible for his ideas, but so what?  It’s not covert, we know what he is doing, and what better way to get ideas across than with a little humor and familiarity.   What the Repubs are ticked off about is the fact that all their spokespeople are staid, serious, boring and lacking in purposeful humor.  Some of them are funny but in a sad way.

Most of them wouldn’t dream of opening themselves up to a television show where they might be made fun of.  Their forte is shows where screaming, ranting, raving, crying, and rudeness is the norm. Shows of not-so-quiet desperation.

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