So, what exactly does “Going Rogue” mean anyway?

I have a few dictionaries on hand and since I was perplexed by the title of Sarah Palin’s upcoming 400 page sure-to-be a blockbuster book, I looked up the definition of rogue.  The title of her book is Going Rogue.  Now I don’t know if that means she is going to go rogue, or she already has gone rogue, or since it is a noun she is a rogue, in which case the going part makes little sense.  Not  that I expected a book title of hers to make a lot of sense but many times the publisher actually chooses a title for an author that both makes sense and for marketing purposes has mass appeal.

Now that we are beyond that mass appeal hurdle, lets explore the meanings of rogue.  According to  the Webster Collegiate (I chose this because she has gone to 5 colleges) the term rogue was coined in 1561 and means; vagrant, tramp, scoundrel, scamp, a horse inclined to shirk or misbehave, and an individual exhibiting a chance and usually inferior biological variation.

Now, I’m betting that she told her ghost writer that this would be a catchy, cutesy, “mavericky” type of word that would fit her to a T.   And, I’m also betting that she never looked up the definition since as we all know she doesn’t really read, or she does read but she doesn’t remember what she reads. Anyway, surely a publisher might take the time to scrutinize such a word?  Evidently not.

I’m sure they think with run-away-best-seller potential it could be called “Going Stupid” and sell millions.  And, since the Republicans seem to have all the money and they are pretty much the only people up for purchasing copies , we will be able to see just how much money they are willing to waste by keeping track of book sales.

But for the rest of us that surmise her book will be like a flash-in-the-pan, we will be able to pick up a copy just for laughs, on a remainder table at your local bookstore not too long after publication. You betcha!

Evidently, there is a relatively new “rogue”  type card game out called “Cards Against Humanity.” You can get it here; at Amazon. It is now the #1 game sold there and shockingly to me it has 13,000 reviews and a whopping 35,000 people have rated it 5-stars.  I mean, it’s just a card game so I had to see what this was about and why in the heck it is so unbelievably popular. Just reading the reviews I decided to buy 3 sets as gifts for my adult children. I personally haven’t played it yet but my kids are acting like it was the best game ever dreamed up. I gather it is more of an adult or maybe late teen or college age card game. But, how can a game be better than Clue? I know, I’m showing my age. If you purchase the game through my link I get a small commission as I am an Amazon Affiliate.



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4 responses to “So, what exactly does “Going Rogue” mean anyway?

  1. SV

    It means she was going on her own doing what she wanted, instead of following the script already pre-assigned to her!


  2. Jake

    hahaha This article cracked me up along with the comments. Sarah Palin is an ignorant, hateful, lying, bigot. I heard a while back that she was getting a nature show on the Discovery Channel and I thought to my self… What could she possibly teach us about nature? “This is where you dump motor oil on your lawn. This is how we eradicate an endangered species… We kill them.” I think Sarah Palin is just George Bush in drag and he’s just dying for a come back.Why don’t we just throw her into a mouth of a soon to erupt Volcano and let her burn… Let her burn like those books she used to burn. That could be one of the episodes!


  3. RICK



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