Big rush to dump Limbaugh as potential NFL owner

There is a God.  I know this because Rush Limbaugh (you know, the obnoxious radio guy) will not be allowed to purchase one single tiny bit of the St. Louis Rams. Not even if he dressed up in black-face (something he would not consider insulting) to try and show his solidarity with the minorities he has been hammering on for years.  Way too much water under that bridge. 

Limbaugh, a Missouri native announced about a week ago that he was partnering with St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts in a bid to purchase the Rams.  But, so many people were on the ride  Limbaugh on a rail out of town train that the “you’ve got to be joking he is a racist” cries did not fall on deaf ears.  As early as yesterday Limbaugh was still talking on his show like he was going to be a potential owner. Even after the shit hit the fan so to speak, with Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson weighing in, along with the NFL players association, other NFL owners (the NFL selects its owners) the commissioner, the union, St. Louis media outlets and on and on…All expressing a giant NO WAY, he still proclaimed this week he was “not even thinking of exiting”.  Looks like he won’t have to ,the decision has been made for him.

Evidently NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was given the task of telling Limbaugh that his bid would be a waste of time and Limbaugh’s  partner group also saw the writing on the wall. They would never be chosen with Limbaugh in the mix.  Goodell said at an owners meeting this week that divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about. He added, “I would not want to see those kinds of comments from people who are in a responsible position within the NFL.”

So Limbaugh who has said he “loves the NFL” has seen his dreams of owning a franchise more or  less land in the  gutter. Someplace he should be used to. Yet it apparently never dawned on him that his history of racial comments,  (which caused his forced resignation from ESPN)  his divisive attitude toward everyone except white republicans , (70% of the NFL players are black)  his cheering after the loss of the Olympics in Chicago, (which some thought of as un-American) and the divisive attitude and hatred he spews forth almost daily would enter into the equation.  As NFL commissioner Roger Goodall said on Tuesday, “We’re all held to a higher standard here”.  Amen to that.


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