Tiger Woods scandal; I am strong, I am invincible, I am stupid

Ah yes.  I remember the 1970’s song I am Woman by Helen Reddy. “I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman…”  I used to sing it around the house at the top of my lungs while vacuuming.  I never really felt invincible  and I was wondering the other day what that would actually feel like.  I hear people on certain drugs feel invincible until they eventually come crashing down .

Some politicians obviously feel invincible as they plow through their terms of office doing what they damn well please and forgetting about  little things like ethics, morality, people’s feelings, consequences of one’s actions,  laws, etc.  Ditto for “fat cat bankers”, the insurance industry, the greedy health care industry and now apparently Tiger Woods.

In case you have been living on Neptune,  golfer Tiger Woods has recently been the tabloid and main stream media story “du jour” for his purported affairs, liaisons, hook-ups, or whatevers with about a dozen women (so far).  Now this is according to the women themselves, some that appear to be upset because they were foolish enough to think that they were the “only one” having an affair with this married man.  Wow!  How on earth do you connect with a dozen or so women, all  seemingly with the same dim bulb?

While Woods has alluded to “transgressions” and some close to him have said he more or less felt he could do anything because of the power, fame, and money, you can’t help but ask why?  I’m not talking about why someone has an affair because there are tons of reasons both simple and complicated  but still wrong.  But, why would a man humiliate his wife and family to such an extent and with such numbers of women?  Why would he be so brazen and uncaring as to put himself out there with a dozen or more chatty women who would eventually spill the beans because they felt it a feather in their  collective caps or  for money in their pockets from  tabloid interviews and 15 minutes of  real classy fame.

When you are a big celebrity pro golfer  does common sense fall by the wayside and only a sense of yourself prevail?  Or do you think you are such a big deal that everyone will protect you when in reality everyone wants a piece of you.   Does that sense of entitlement follow you around when you are a big shot golfer like a caddy does?   I have my own answers to these questions and they all can be answered with “boy am I stupid”.

Woods was at the top of his golf game and now is a bottom dweller in the game of life and marriage.  His sponsors quickly falling by the wayside as his popularity dwindles to Pee Wee Herman status.  Too many jokes and innuendo will follow him into seclusion to ever emerge as a viable candidate for sponsors again.  It would be hard at this point to name a miniature golf course after him, even though his persona  has greatly diminished.


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