Palin the palm reader foresees lifting American spirits in her crib notes

Sarah Palin has her own mavericky, Alaskan back-woodsy version of the Palm Pilot.  She simply writes notes  on the palm of her hand  so that when giving those $100,000. speeches people will be sure to  get their money’s worth so she doesn’t forget anything important.  She blasted President Obama in  her recent Teabagger convention speech for using a teleprompter yet, as only a rogue can do, scribbled those crib notes on her left hand as clear as a flash card on a redneck teleprompter.   The words were energy, tax, lift American spirits and budget cuts with the word budget crossed off.  Hopefully in the interest of time, thought processing, and memory acumen  she used permanent ink to help her with future speeches.

In a Huffington Post Story Sunday by Stefan Sirucek  (  two close up  photos show Palin with the words on the palm of her hand as clear as a bell and another with her looking at her hand during the question and answer portion of the Teabagger  convention speech.  Both pictures have made their way to You Tube and a someone on Twitter captured Palin actually looking at her hand/crib notes while answering questions.  Sirucek has them with his story as well.  Had she not spent  those words mocking Obama for using a teleprompter at many of his speeches this probably wouldn’t be quite the big deal that it surely will become.  I can hear the comedy writers in the wings now, Saturday Night Live please bring in Tina Fey for this one.

So anyway, I was more or less focusing on the actual words she had written on her hand, or gee, maybe one of her “advisors” did it for her or someone over at FOX News like Glenn Beck had a revelation and said hey Sarah, don’t forget to say something about lifting American spirits and while you’re at it some people may ask you questions about taxes and energy so be prepared to answer or dodge. As far as the two words budget cuts with budget visibly crossed off  her hand, maybe her “people” or even the Republican Party Teabagger people get a little nervous at the thought of her talking budget cuts, having little or no knowledge of Federal or State budgets so budget was crossed of in hopes she would talk about other types of cuts, as in hair.

While the acronym TEA (taxed enough already) is the battle cry of the current Tea Party Patriots who assimilate their cause with the original Boston Tea Party of 1773,  I see little if any connection  in thought, purpose or leadership. The Boston Tea Party was symbolic of how far Americans would go in their fight against taxation without representation.   Today, we have representation  (Congress, Senate)  along with  self appointed figureheads such as Palin,  and how is that going for us?   TEA (Throw Everyone Away)  and start over.


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