Coffee Party tries to perk up business-as-usual politics

It is time.  I always did like coffee better than tea and now I can quit listening to the Teabagger people and start listening to the Coffee party people for a change of taste, er…I mean pace.   Kind of like switching from steeped or brewed to instant, as the Coffee party moved quickly from Facebook a few weeks ago to 90,000 members all over the country as fast as you can push a French press. (okay I’ll quit with the coffee metaphors it’s just hard not drip on and on). 

The Coffee party claims they are not a party at all but a movement and/or group that wants action not rhetoric (don’t we all) from our government.  It started a few weeks ago with Annabell Park complaining on her blog about the current state of politics and has grown into more than 400 groups meeting at coffee houses across the country to discuss “what Americans really want.’  As of March 13 the official kick-off date of the Coffee party more than 90,000 members were signed up to be part of the movement and it is growing every day. Park said she got so much feedback from her ranting that she decided the time was right.

Park is quick to point out that the Coffee party does not think of the Federal government as the enemy but points out that as Americans we must take a more active role in our government.  Their mission statement includes supporting leaders that will work toward positive solutions to our problems and holding politicians accountable that are divisive and negative.  (this could be insurmountable).  She said the group is the made up of frustrated liberals, disheartened conservatives and political newbies.  She said members are from all professions and all walks of life and basically want politicians to “stop the shouting and get things done.”  Park said the Coffee party doesn’t have the answers but feels that fostering cooperation along with getting politicians to listen to constituents would certainly help Americans. She said we need to act like the bosses we are because we pay their salaries.

This all reminds  me of that movie Network and that famous line “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”  In Coffee party land they want the politicians to listen, and cooperate and address America’s challenges in a positive and productive light.  But in reality, with  our politicians today you can only fight fire with fire;  an eye for an eye, a lobbyist for a lobbyist, it’s all they know.  Our politicians are anything but gentrified, I find many of them an embarrassment. But if the Coffee party, Tea party, Milk party or any party on a white horse can turn our present crop of politicians into hard listening, wise thinking, fair, ethical, non-greedy politicians, sign me up for that party before I wake up.


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