Going stupid

I’m going to start right off by stating that yes, of course I have done stupid things in my life. You just don’t get to my advanced age without ever having misspoken, misjudged, missed the boat and well, you get the picture.  But, lately I’ve noticed a slew of stupid people in the news. These are people that are constantly in the public eye, are used to being scrutinized, know their every move is being watched and can afford to hire people for the express purpose of making sure they don’t do anything stupid.  And yet, their stupidity prevails.

1. ERYKAH BADU; Under the guise of “performance art ” for a music video, she stripped naked while slowly walking to the Dallas spot where John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot. She then laid down on the spot naked amid throngs of people, children included. Now, that particular spot brings many tourists daily, as JFK was a much beloved President. It is thought of also as a historic site and of course a somber location because of the shooting.  I don’t know who scouts locations for Badu, or if she picks the hot spots herself but most people I’ve talked to, both young and old can’t get a handle on the artistic merit of either the stripping or the location.  Badu has said of the controversial video that most people don’t understand her “performance art”.  Seems she is correct on that.  Most people do however, understand exhibitionist style, art for shock value, poor taste.

2. JESSE JAMES;  Lately celebrities are giving rehab a bad name. Now it is the cure-all for most bad behavior including cheating husbands like James and Tiger Woods.  In the Woods case it was said he specifically went to rehab for sex addition. James is evidently in rehab presently for an undisclosed reason. At least no specific reason was given by him or his “people”.  Maybe rehab facilities now have a sort of one -treatment- fits- all  program for the types of addictions that fall through the cracks such as cheating, lying,  pretending you are not married and/or living life beyond the edge of reason.  At the very least you can pay big bucks to hide out from the press.

3. SARAH PALIN;  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sarah Palin in a post called “Going stupid”.  Her new show on FOX called “Everyday American Heroes” used old clips of people she didn’t even interview herself and brought to mind her old speeches when campaigning  with McCain where she told us all that she and the rest of the Republicans were the “real” Americans.  Just so ya know Sarah;  Real Americans, real heros, real people etc. are not just Republicans. Thank God for that.

4. PAPARAZZI;  A shout down  has to go out to the “entertainment” reporters and photographers that have been going stupid for quite some time now.  They take victims like Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin, Michael Jacksons’ kids among many others and stalk them like they did something wrong.  It’s sad and sick. While certainly not a crime it is beyond unethical to hound people that are already going through hell thanks to the discretion or death etc. of a loved one or family member.  Believe me, “real” Americans feel compassion and sorrow for these people, we could care less what they had for breakfast.


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