Kate Gosselin finally voted off Dancing With The Stars

On week number five Kate Gosselin along with  her bad attitude and two left feet finally got booted off the popular Dancing With The Stars television program.  While the show is supposed to be all about the best dancing performance, it rarely is. Judges weigh in on stars performances and viewers call in their votes on who should stay or go. It isn’t always about the dancing, it’s more or less a popularity contest with the viewers. One of the very few programs I watch religiously (survivor is the other) I’m often mystified as to who stays and who goes.

While I’m not faulting Gosselin for being a bad dancer with absolutely no rhythm , I was amazed to watch her stand around and yawn at practices, look utterly bored, argue with her pro instructor on how he should teach her and rarely smile. Her attitude throughout the five weeks she was around was one of utter disdain. She whined about missing her kids and being tired  yet she was the one that signed up for this gig, no one forced her and she was being paid very well. Heh, I’ll take $200,000 plus and actually put forth some effort into dancing and at least act like I’m having a good time.

While the judges constructive comments to her pretty much went unheeded, she even disagreed with their professional points.  This week when they noted she was actually worse than the week before she actually stated that the judges didn’t notice that she had in fact improved. Who does this? These are professional dancing judges. Her arrogance and crappy attitude can only be surpassed by her horrendous treatment of her partner Tony Dovolani, who I think should be up for sainthood. When they showed clips from her latest rehearsal she was yawning and looking bored. Tony told her that you cannot improve with zero effort. A few weeks ago at another practice he even told her he quit after a particularly frustrating practice where she was trying to tell him how to teach her. He quickly returned and apologized for his actions but when he left she actually stood there in tears commenting “What just happened?’ as if she had nothing to do with the entire situation. 

You can only carry this I have eight kids and I’m tired stuff so far. Or, my ex-idiot husband is suing me for custody of our kids so feel sorry for me. Everyone on that show appears to work really hard, most have families and other jobs and also have grueling dance practices for many hours a day. She put forth so little effort it became a joke, with judges at one point stating Tony looked like he was pushing around a shopping cart. If her children truly were her priority she wouldn’t have taken this project on. I know she was whining she needs the money to support her kids and blah, blah, blah…but she can stay home and write her stupid books to support them. God knows why? But, her books do sell and I know mom’s that would die to have the opportunity to work at home.  Sorry Kate, but I’m one viewer than just never bought into the teary, phony act. It’s called Dancing With The Stars and you are not.


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