Oprah interview with Rielle Hunter shows how to “live your worst life”

I’m sitting here watching the much pre-publicized interview of  John Edward’s mistress, baby mama, or whatever her official title , Rielle Hunter by Oprah Winfrey.  The first word that comes to mind is tacky. The second and third, classless and tasteless.  It appears this show will be a real money maker for Harpo Studios, as every minute there are so many commercials back to back that it is far more annoying than usual.  As I write this Hunter is expounding on how she is a very private person, and is totally into living a life of truth.  Oprah doesn’t seemed stunned by the statement but she of course is questioning the truth part and alluded to privacy at this point seeming  pretty much unattainable.

Hunter mentions that “love” between her and Edwards overrode the notion of hurting others. When Oprah notes that their actions didn’t necessarily align with Hunters “living a life of truth” slogan, Hunter says the Edward’s marriage was a lie and that “Johnny” (yes. she called him this) was “messed up” and felt he needed to lie in order to make things better (wow, spoken like a true politician).  She said the sex tape her and Edwards made was personal and she had cut up the tape and thought it was destroyed. When Oprah asked her about the GQ over-the-top sexy pictures with a stuffed animal she said that particular picture was supposed to be for her personally and not for publication.

Hunter  said she doesn’t consider herself a home wrecker and when Oprah asked her if she felt she had  hurt Edward’s wife Elizabeth,  she  said she didn’t know “you would have to ask his wife”.  Hunter also stated that she didn’t regret anything she did because she learned so much from this experience, and “grew as a person”.   I have a question myself on this stupid comment. Why is it that when some  people  like Hunter do stupid things that do in fact hurt other people instead of owning up to it they make these grandiose statements like “I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for this experience”.  It is such a bunch of crap. 

Hunter basically came off like a smitten 15 year old. Acting coy about Oprah’s question  if her and Edward’s now have a relationship, Hunter would not say, evidently relegating that answer to the “private” portion of her life. She claims she is still in love with him and stated she thinks he is in love with her.  I truly did walk away from this interview thinking; 1. I just wasted an hour, 2. Hunter is either a good liar or totally delusional 3. She really can’t want privacy or why would she be on Oprah? 4. This lady is stupid/sad/crafty.

I have to say, I think Oprah has lowered her standards on this one. Her shows typically are billed as informative, thought-provoking, entertaining and in the “live your best life” vein.  This show was so off-the-mark it was actually embarrassing to watch Oprah ask the questions.  And the answers were mostly of the “live your worst life” variety.



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