Kate Plus 8 = Snooze

I guess to makeup for no Jon on the new show,  a new glamorized  Kate and her new boobs, or an extraordinary push-up bra, silver ankle strap high heels and mini-skirt schleped 8 kids through an airport for a 6th Birthday trip for the sextuplets in Orlando, Florida, at Discovery Cove.  She is still whining about how tough it is to get 8 kids ready for a trip, and feed 8 kids lunch, and put wet suits on 8 kids etc. but this time she is not directing her whining at Jon but the cameras (in other words us the viewers).  The trip was gratis, other people are out of work, put a cork in it Kate.

The new show Sunday night  more or less had cameras following around Kate and the kids. Kate and the kids swimming with the dolphins, Kate and the kids feeding the birds etc.  They cut to Kate a lot, talking one on one to the camera like her and Jon used to do but, since it is just her talking and rehashing the day or explaining her feelings it’s a little on the dull side. Okay, maybe a lot on the dull side.

She does seem to have zipped up her fun quotient on camera and definitely tries to laugh a lot more. Unfortunately it seems forced and out of the realm of her personality. Just following  Kate and her kids around doing stuff on camera, even if it is fun stuff like swimming with the dolphins is probably not going to carry a whole TV show for very long.  Or, on second thought maybe just following the kids around doing fun stuff without Kate might work.

She talks a lot on this show about the paparazzi, how they are utterly distasteful, rude, pushy, liars etc. She takes the kids on an air boat to a secluded location for a Birthday Party in Orlando (also gratis)  to what she called a paparazzi free zone. While she has the hate relationship with the paparazzi going, I guess she never stopped to think that she is a “star” not just because of her TV stints but because of the paparazzi.

So will the new show fly with so much of Kate and no buffer?  Or, will the novelty wear off after tonight’s Kate plus 8 and people tune in to see what new hair she might have?   I can’t really say, I didn’t watch the entire show myself, I fell asleep.


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