Jobless SC Army Vet Democratic Senate nominee will not step down

This is such a hoot I can hardly contain myself. A totally unknown unemployed military veteran won South Carolina’s Democratic Senate primary and so will presumably challenge the incumbent, Tea Party activist, Jim DeMint in the Fall elections. I say presumably because the vultures are already circling Alvin M. Greene, 32 who came away with 59 percent of the vote, shocking his opponent Vic Rawls, 64, a four-term state legislator . While virtually everyone else was running around shocked including state Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler, Greene told Mother Jones magazine that  he was “just a little, but not much” surprised,  according to the original story in the

I always do tend to get a kick out of politicians and their antics when things don’t go as expected. Fowler said Greene probably won because his name came first on the ballot, which must be placed in alphabetical order. Yeah, it couldn’t possibly be that people would rather vote for an unknown rather than another incumbent. Actually, many more people would probably be able to relate to Greene’s unemployed status than Rawle’s ex-judge profession.

I guess what I find the most amusing is Greene had no campaign finance chest. No ads, no posters, no hand-outs, no campaign workers. Can you imagine running as “everyman” no job, no money, no big shot political backing and winning? Only in America. Greene said he scraped together the $10,400 filing fee and funds for his pretty much non-campaign from money he saved while serving in the Army in South Korea. He spent 13 years in the Air Force and Army which concluded last year.

But of course the Democratic political machine and the press are busy as I write this eating this guy alive. He says he is running to try to change things and get jobs for people but the party chairwoman has already asked him to step down. Seems he has a skeleton in his closet pertaining to a charge of allegedly showing obscene photos to a college student last November. He is not saying much about it, just that it’s a negative story and he wants to focus on issues.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know a lot about the issues other than people are out of work. Which is a shame because he was voted in by nearly 60 percent of the voters, who obviously figured he was better than a four-term incumbent good-old-boy legislator. While the Democratic party snubs him and tries to dig up dirt they really ought to be thinking about a lot more than; How could this possibly have happened? It happened you bozos. So many people are in upheaval over our government at all levels that they are looking for a way to express it. What better way than to vote in a virtual unknown, and vote out a long-term incumbent.

This was no accident, it was no top of the ballot name pick, people who don’t know who to vote for don’t even vote. This was the South Carolina voters saying “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore”. But, the arrogant incumbents and party hacks will never get it-until it happens to them.  Which we now all know is no longer a long shot, by any political stretch.


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