In a stellar PR move BP puts CEO Tony Hayward on back burner

Wow, it’s hot on the back burner. But, not as hot as being in front of the Capitol Hill gang,  the President of the United States and millions of Americans who would dearly love to spend five minutes alone with British Petroleum’s CEO Tony Hayward.  Hayward you may remember, endeared himself to the general public by whining to reporters recently concerning the gulf oil spill by stating “I’d like my life back” when asked about the scale of the disaster and the time it has taken to do basically, nothing of any consequence.

In an interview Friday with Sky News , BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg said Hayward will be turning over control of the day-to-day operations of the gulf spill disaster to BP Managing Director Robert Dudley. Svanberg did say that Hayward’s comments to reporters after the Deepwater Horizon Disaster had hurt the company.  Most Americans however, find their sympathy lies with the families of the 11 people killed in the disaster, the wildlife lost, more lost jobs and businesses and the eco system.  BP and/or Hayward aren’t even on the list.

When Hayward spoke to Congress on Thursday his babblespeak even baffled Congress, that in itself a surprise.  Congress too is known to speak in a political jargon unknown to outsiders but they could not seem to make heads or tails out of Hayward’s lack of answers on the oil spill.  Evidently Hayward played the old game of ducking and evading questions, said he had no knowledge  of the planning that went into the Deepwater Horizon rig and refused to comment on why he thought it exploded.  I don’t know why Congress found this frustrating, as Americans we get this same “I don’t know” stuff all the time from our elected politicians, we are pretty much used to it. In this case it is just a big business, greedy corporate CEO, surely they can deal with it.

Svanberg said that Hayward was going to initially be the face of the company during the disaster but since the oil spill has grown more political they are changing their tack.   Oh please, this is just another word for spin.   Since we have all grown to realize Hayward cares more about himself and the company than people, they need to quickly change it up.  This is straight from the public relations 101 book.

So while we have crude oil gushing into the Gulf Of Mexico, we have a crude company trying out their new “tack” on us.  President Barack Obama has asked for a $20 billion fund to compensate victims and hopefully these people with get some money before their next “tack”, which will probably be bankruptcy or handing out free shares of BP stock.


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    What a professional blog! I think of you often, I hope you are living your new life well and have settled in your new home??? or are you still at your daughter’s?


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