Finding true love and happiness with reality TV pick-of-the-litter method

I was thinking about this the other day when I got the devastating news that reality tv “star” Jillian Harris and her fiance Ed Swiderski from the Bachelorette show have become dis-engaged. As compelling as that news was it started me thinking about; what kind of person would go on national tv to find husband or wife material? And why? Especially when there are so many avenues now-a-days like the classified ads, Craig’s List, E-Harmony and  that phone-a-friend thing you see on  late night tv, among others. 

I had just basically recovered from the shock of finding out Vienna and what’s-his-name were splitsville after about a month of engaged bliss and finding each other on the Bachelor, and although they appeared to be a match made-in-hell why can’t the couples themselves ever see it? The tv viewers can. They call it time after time.

Is it the lights? The cameras? The lack of action in these boring episodic adventures that seemingly take place only in hot tubs around the country? These are things I’m willing to look into if only to quench my thirst for knowledge on why a man or woman, seemingly bright or semi-bright, good looking, available, with a decent job or career would want to pick a mate on national tv among a group of 20 or 30 people.

Or, be one of 20 or 30 people vying for one person who holds all the cards, (or roses) and can get rid of you as quick as they can say “I don’t feel a connection”. Of course you don’t feel a connection you fool, nobody can feel a connection in an hour program where you get to “visit” the person for a five minute date. Nobody can feel a connection to someone who gets his/her kicks out of passing out roses to the “in” people and saying sayonara to someone they barely know, but had a bad haircut.

It’s not that the shows like this are just shallow, it is that they are so shallow that there is no water in the pool. No one is playing with a full deck. Not the people hoping for the stupid roses and certainly not the bachelor or bachelorette that has the thorny task of choosing a supposed life partner with a rose.

This is of course, not reality. So it needs to find a new catchphrase.  These people have to be in it for the fame, money, trips and the pleasure of being tabloid fodder. That Jake and Vienna couple from the Bachelor have been verbally duking it out lately on the talk show circuit. He says mean stuff, she cries. She says mean stuff, he yells. These people need Dr. Phil or at the very least,  since the process is so demeaning they could use some tips on acquiring self-esteem.

It’s not realistic for anyone to think they can find true love just because they have the pick of the litter. Unless of course, you are talking about a dog.


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