Dancing With The Stars boots David Hasselhoff off, producers “shocked”

Why did everyone including DWTS host Tom Bergeron, act like it was such a shocker that David Hasselhoff was the first “dancer” kicked off of Dancing With the Stars? He was terrible. He had a low score of 15. He misjudged acting cool, and wearing leather and shades for dancing. He is arrogant, and despite what shows he USED to be on,  Baywatch was eons ago and his ship has sailed.

Tom Bergeron mentioned more than once before we all knew the final outcome of who would be leaving, that the producers were “shocked” at the “surprise” of who got the fewest votes and would be leaving. I don’t see that the producers necessarily have their wits about them. And they certainly don’t have their eyes and ears on the pulse of the viewers or voters. They said Hasselhoff was in the “popular” group. Popular with who? Maybe his daughters or old TV fans that never watched the infamous video of him drunk eating a hamburger like a pig in a hotel room on the floor. 

Some of these “stars” on Dancing With The Stars have definitely fallen. And I don’t mean on the dance floor. Wake up producers, the stars you think are popular and will be allowed to stay on despite their dancing skills are not necessarily the ones that your viewers will give a pass to.


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