Sarah Palin tells Entertainment Tonight she might run for President in 2012

How appropriate is it that Sarah Palin chose an entertainment venue to let us know “she would consider” running for President in 2012?  In an Entertainment Tonight piece airing Thursday and Friday,  She told the tabloid host Mary Hart that she would think about running after it was discussed with her family and all were in agreement and if she felt that no one running (as a Republican) could do a good job. She said right now, she is just getting the lay of the land. I don’t know what that statement means, so I guess it is open to interpretation, kind of like a definite maybe. I am really curious about the yardstick she will use to measure the other potential candidates on doing a good job. I also wonder if Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are aware they are being closely monitored by Palin and her crew and if she doesn’t deem them up-to-snuff then she just might have to jump into the fray of  the I’m-not-running-but-really-I-am candidates.

In the Thursday ET show Palin showed Hart around her home in Alaska, quite a large estate that Palin said “Todd and his buddies built’. She called it a nice, homey, shelter. Making it sound like Todd and his buddies built some kind of lean-to-tree-house thingy. It is actually a large house on a lake with what appears to be a lot of property. So much for the down-home, we’re just regular folks living in the back-woods of Alaska tour.

Television viewers however, will get to see much more of Palin and her family Nov. 14 when her TLC program “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” premiers and  the “event” as it is being called will air for eight weeks.  Even though the show consists of her real life, with her real family, in her real home town. Palin told Hart on ET that this is not a “reality show”. The trailer for the new show does show her doing “real” mom type things however like; fishing, kayaking, skiing, watching bears etc. , the type of things most regular moms can relate to.

So while Palin mulls over her television future with TLC and her political future with the RNP, Americans can be assured that as an ex-Alaska Governor who quit before her term was up to write books and join the circus, (political speaking for money circus), she will keep the interests of all us regular-folk Americans in mind when making her decision to run or not. You Betcha!



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2 responses to “Sarah Palin tells Entertainment Tonight she might run for President in 2012

  1. This magpie is full of shyt. Her and her family ALREADY discussed it. Soon as her and McCain lost the election. Thats what this media blitz is all about.

    If no one else can do a good job? Since when did she become an authority on (anything,really) on someone doin a good job?

    And I think that like you said, this woman quit her job as the govenor to become a celebrity and get ready for this presidental bid.

    This woman is a joke, and I hope the Repubs and America realizes that in 2012.


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