The Kardashian We Dare You To Have A Merry Christmas Card

I’m still waiting for my Kardashian family Christmas card.  After all, I do occasionally watch their show and I would think that alone should put me on their list. I saw their card all over the internet yesterday and it certainly is a unique card. But judging from their attire and the look on all their faces , it shows anything but “merry.” Take a look here and see for yourself:,,20450926,00.html

When I first saw the Kardashian Christmas card  I thought it was a promo for their reality show. On second glance it reminded me of the decadent, glamorous, and fictionalized TV shows like Dynasty, Dallas and Falcon Crest of the 1980’s. People on those shows also dressed to the nines for breakfast and stood on winding staircases not smiling. The card looks a little heavy on the Photo Shop and light on the merry mood. A little too Stepford family for me.

The Kardashian Christmas card may have been trying a little too hard for pretentious glamour. So hard in fact, that the kids don’t even look like kids. The two youngest girls are 14 and I think 12. These two look 25. Poor little Mason, the little one, while really cute, looks like a miniature adult.  The steel grey clothing and appearance of the family conjure up a “We dare you to have a Merry Christmas look.”

Just give me the old standing by a green Christmas tree family portrait, with the dog, santa hats, maybe a fireplace, red and green bows, ornaments, tinsel, weird Christmas sweaters, maybe kids in red and green velvet, one person in the photo kind of out -of- sync with the rest. You know-a real family Christmas photo, like the kind taken when “reality” meant something totally different than it does today.


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