Fox Game Show Should Show Them The ($800,000.) Money

Day 203/365 - Post-It Note Impression No. 5

Image by Kevin H. via Flickr

I think it would be  a really nice New Year’s resolution for the producers at the new Fox game show, “Million Dollar Money Drop” to actually pay people when they answer a question correctly on their show. Especially when their “research people” get it wrong.  It’s kind of like, just because someone at Fox says it, doesn’t make  it so. Or even accurate.

Gabe Okoye and his girlfriend Brittany Mayti were the very first contestants on this Fox premiere show a few days ago that is a clone of a British show. The concept is you start out with one million dollars and wager parts or all of your million on questions asked by the show moderator.

The stump-the-Fox-researchers-question was “Which product was sold in stores first: Post-it-Notes, Macintosh computer or the Sony Walkman?” With much back and forth, the couple wagered $800,000. on Post-its but game host Kevin Pollack said they were wrong it was the Walkman. 

For days the internet was hot with conflicting information as everyone and their brother could Google the question and pretty much come up with the correct answer, which was the Post-it. Producers didn’t back down from their stance for a few days but finally they conceded they were given “incomplete” information from 3M.  I love how some lawyer probably told them not to say they were wrong or incorrect or inaccurate but “incomplete.”

In the end, the couple lost everything they started with and left the show with nothing but a right answer. On the other hand, the premiere “Million Dollar Money Drop” show started off with a lot of PR (all bad) and had to find the answer to the $800,000. question from viewers instead of it’s crack research team which included 3M the company that invented Post-its.

The couple have said they are not upset with Fox and they don’t know if they will take the producers of “Million Dollar Money Drop” up on their offer to return and play again because it was very stressful losing “all that money.”  I of course, think the producers should give the couple the $800,000. and call it a day. Why?  Well, when Brittany Mayti wanted to answer the question with the Sony Walkman answer, which is the answer the producers said was correct, her boyfriend talked her out of it. If they had gone with her answer ( the answer the show said was correct) and the producers later found the answer “incomplete”,  how quick do you think Fox would be on taking the money back?  Lawyers, start your engines…


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