Donald Trump To Join Fox & Friends News Chatter

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As if Donald Trump doesn’t have his plate full enough what with Celebrity Apprentice, business mogul-ing (Is that even a word?) and maybe, possibly, it depends…running for president next time around,  he is now set to be part of the Fox & Friends “news” show.  It seems Fox & Friends will make room on their couch for Trump every Monday morning, cleverly dubbing it “Mondays with Trump.”

I saw some of the stellar promos for Trump’s segment with such lines as: “The Donald now makes his voice loud and clear on Fox.” Boy, they must have gotten some huge powerhouse agency to think that one up. While Fox has never been one to shy away from controversial  on-air people,  I can’t quite get a handle on what Trump can bring to the news table. Unless it is just basically Trump wanting face time in case he decides to run for president and Fox wanting more ratings for their coffee klatch with Steve Doocy, Gretchan Carlson and Brian Kilmeade.

I don’t watch the trio on Monday mornings or any other morning but the idea of listening to Trump with my coffee first thing in the morning is not my idea of a good wake-up call. Most presidential candidates are distancing themselves from their pundit or “news analyst” roles on TV stations so as not to show any conflict of interest. Newt Gingrich stepped down from his Fox Perch when he supposedly became a presidential candidate. This whole thing leads me to believe that Trump isn’t going to try to run for president at all but is just more of his usual blowhard, look-at-me PR stuff.

Trump however is not any kind of analyst or commentator or pundit but a mere contributor without a  contract that will just be on Fox on Mondays, indefinitely or probably until the regular news crew gets sick of him or the viewers can’t take looking at his hair in the morning or his Celebrity Apprentice show gets higher ratings. Or until some Fox focus group tells him he doesn’t have a chance in hell of running a country if he couldn’t run a casino, and running on a platform that President Obama wasn’t born in the USA just isn’t going to cut it.

At least he doesn’t have to worry about being fair and balanced or politically correct or even accurate about anything he says, after all , it’s just FOX.



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4 responses to “Donald Trump To Join Fox & Friends News Chatter

  1. tricia

    Took Obama a long time to produce his birth certificate. He had to make sure it looked authentic.


  2. Sam101

    He’ll fit right in. He can spout all kinds of lies and garbage with his gassy babyface, and faux koolaid slurpers will lap it up. I might even tune in to watch his crazy rants, but I won’t touch the beverage. Hooha! This will be hilarious. He’ll just get on there and spin like Charlie Sheen.


  3. Bill

    What ass kissers Fox people are. I watched a couple times . The segmant when asswipe Trump phoned in…They never called him an his lies. Gadaffi. Oh yea Trump you screwed him on the land rental deal only when we started to bomb him & you wanted in on it. You swore that you did not know who was renting your land. You’re so big and powerful that you let your people handle these things. But then you say “yeah , I screwed Gadaffi. I rented him land and then did not let him use it but kept his money” Fox new this but said nothing but “why didn’t you rent it to him”. Trump’s response..”because i didn’t want to” What a dick you all are. This guy is the worst kind of asshole in the world. In the world!! And
    fox news is right behind him. Sorry ass bunch. I just hope that this finds it’s way to their desk. They must think they are real cool to kiss Trump’s ass. I thought news & anchors are supposed to be fair & balanced. Nothing fair about calling our Countries leaders stupid & weak. You just go with the flow . I guess you can say I hate Trump’s lies & Fox’s news people. The worst.. Bill


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