Nancy Grace a Disgrace

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We all found out today that our justice system is alive and well and not living in a woman called Nancy Grace.  While Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and child abuse she was found guilty of the lesser charges of lying to police, and basically sending them on a bunch of wild goose chases. Grace anointed herself  judge, jury and “expert” early on in the Casey Anthony case and talked about it non-stop on her HLN nightly program for CNN. The program, called Swift Justice, was taken literally by Grace who ranted and raved nightly about the guilt of Casey Anthony killing her two-year old daughter, dubbing Anthony “tot mom.’

Grace is an attorney and former prosecutor which evidently gives her the right to prosecute in a public forum, on TV, in print and anywhere else her mouth takes her, even when a trial is ongoing.  A lot of people were shocked and dismayed that Anthony was found not guilty but the fact remains that 12 jurors obviously had a reasonable doubt. Grace, on the other hand has never had a reasonable thought or it might have dawned on her that “her way” wasn’t the only way to go. I actually thought the not guilty verdict might render Grace speechless-no such luck.

Grace single-handedly ruined my favorite morning news program, Good Morning America, by her almost daily appearances in the last month as a so-called “expert” in the case.  As I drank my coffee and listened to her talk over Robin Roberts’ questions, bulldoze her answers through another commentator’s statements, screech “tot mom” over and over and criticize anyone on the program who disagreed with her “guilty” point of view, I had enough.  I no longer watch GMA, as I think they went off the deep end in considering Grace an “expert” in this case, (note to GMA) A loud opinion does not make someone an “expert.” Grace, and her unprofessional and caustic demeanor has really given the law profession (not always thought of in high esteem) a black eye, hearkening  back to the days of ambulance chasers.

Grace said she was concerned that Anthony would get book and movie deals etc. yet Grace has had her face in front of the cameras over this case for a couple of years and has milked it for all its worth. The whole case is sad, a child is dead and Nancy Grace is a disgrace.



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34 responses to “Nancy Grace a Disgrace

  1. M.T.

    She is a disgrace! an opportunistic! and a Hater!


  2. Holly Grant

    Nancy Grace has now done the same thing to Amanda Knox. Even though Amanda Knox won her appeal and is now back on US soil, Grace still thinks she is guilty. Nancy, are you saying that science lies, and you are smarter than science? There was absolutely no DNA of Amanda’s or her boyfriends at the murder scene. All of the DNA was left by Rudy Guede, who is in prison after admitting his guilt. What specifically is it that makes you right over all the experts. My God, you’re clueless! No, I take that back. My God, you’re loud, annoying, interruptive, and clueless.


  3. Contrary to my original opinion, she is a professional “bully”, she is rude and arrogant and the list of adjectives go on. It is time for Nancy to move-on and stop the media lynching. The verdict is in, it is done and nothing is going to change what it is. The media, led by Nancy, has made this into a circus, it is time to let it go . . .

    Nancy Grace appointed herself jury, judge and God determining Casey Anthony is guilty. The jury disagreed and now she is on a crusade to “make herself right”. Mr. Lebrum as Nancy is so confident Casey Anthony is guilty, may I ask based on what evidence? The prosecutors DID NOT prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. It does not take a doctrate to figure this out, there is/was no evidence as to how the baby died, there was no evidence as to who placed the baby … I could go on and on. (Personally, reviewing the body language and comments made by George Anthony, I beleive he DOES know what happened. I believe he did share his thoughts with the volunteer.)

    The talk now is should Casey be able to make money ~ I remind you that Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Jane Velez-Mitchell are profitting and have been profitting for some time now. Even the ex-attorneys, the ex-boyfriend, the rommate of the ex-room mate. Come on people !!!!


  4. nancy

    What I find very, very annoying by this disgrace, is that she wrote a book, about her being a victim of crime, due to her ex fiances murder, which she twisted, and added more to make it more interesting,to get great sales..How dare she pass judgement or give her unwanted opinion or expertise.Mind your own business,.She slanders others, while she has done absolutely the same or more. Hippocrate


    • ann schmitt

      You are so right…………..She must not know that who ever is without sin, throw the first rock. She is a HIPPOCRATE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.


  5. Sam

    The only thing that is worse then this poor little girl suffering whatever accident she suffered, is watching vultures like Nancy Grace and now Dr. Drew drool and swarm to exploit and cash in on this little girls death. It is absolutely unthinkable. watching Dr. Drew interview people just DESPERATE to latch on to anything to make Casey a Monster. She just isn’t. Something happened. She tweeked and got scared. Covered it up. Probably her fault, not watching her, or something, but if anyone thinks that Casey Anthony woke up one day and said to herself “I wanna party and have a lot of sex, my little girl is old enough to talk, so I better kill her”… REALLY????? We all know that didn’t happen. But it’s not about Casey or Caylee anymore.. It’s about absolute scum, like Nancy Grace, Dr Drew (Who I used to admire) capitalizing on TV saying the same horrific things desperate to make the worst a reality. It is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. What happened to reporting the facts. Now we have these unproven JUDGMENT shows condemning without proof, WORLD WIDE. NANCY GRACE.. What are you gonna do when they get the real story, and because of your show, you hiped someone up enough to actually kill Casey Anthony wrongfully. How the heck would you stand to look at your disgusting self. This surely won’t get posted. But it sure felt good to write.


  6. You echo my sentiments exactly. Just finished a post to that effect.


  7. Mary Jo Roberts

    I have never seen such a display of unprofessional behavior as that of Nancy Grace following the verdict. She called the jurors names, made nasty comments about their education status and I made my decision then that I had watched the last of CNN. She is unbelievable. When someone disagrees with her opinion she cuts them off or ridicules them. She is the most opinionated, crass, poorest excuse for a human, not to mention an alleged member of the legal profession. I think she needs to get off the air. Every person that she deems guilty when the investigation starts has not a prayer of her apology when it is proved any other way. She finds fault with everything except that perhaps she is wrong. If the jury had found her guilty they would have been brilliant. She is a disgrace to Caylee Anthony’s memory and I would not want her to utter my grandaughter’s name.


  8. Stu art

    Do you actually believe all 12 jurors did not understand what “beyond any reasonable doubts” means? Don’t you think the parties that picked the jurors are experienced in jury selection?


  9. ann schmitt

    Nancy Grace has forgotten the meaning of JUSTICE, but, fortunately out JUSTICE system is still alive and well. I have been in the JUSTICE system for years, but watching her show makes me ashamed for those of us that do work for JUSTICE.


  10. Jay

    KUDOS. I agree with you completely and I too have stopped watching GMA. Nancy “Dis”Grace didn’t report the trial, she reported her opinion. And let’s us not forget how she kept second guessing the Defense’s strategy and saying it was a mistake that wouldn’t work. Why she has any credibility left with any news station is beyond me


  11. Stewart D'Arcy

    When will CNN/HLN realize/accepy it’s over- our justice system has spoken – CNN/HLN have had enough FREE subject matter/FREE broadcasting material from this story for years – It’s time to move on -PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!


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  13. displaced okie

    And you know this how? I hope not from a “news” program thatis in all actuality a opinion based show– all this coming from somebody who thinks she is probably guilty, but is rational enough to realize that the prosecution can’t convict a person because they probably did it–would you want that standard if you were accused?


    • I don’t get my info from programs masquerading as “news”. I was in the news biz for 20 years and still believe in facts and research. But my blog, is strictly my opinion.


  14. My problem with Grace has nothing to do with her opinion and everything to do with her masquerading as an “expert.” and her unprofessional behavior. An “expert” typically displays more knowledge than just their own opinion. If you check the internet forums their are tons of attorneys appalled at her behavior.


    • Debbie

      I agree with you…She has no open mind regarding this case. JUST SUPPOSE that dear grandpa was molesting little Cayle and something went wrong…he being a retired police man knows that he cannot call 9-1-1 or his little family secret would get out….He knows about DNA, and all of that. Nancy from day one even before the trial she had already found Casey guilty. Another note: why slam those people who did their job in the courtroom. She is the one that is causing all the problems with this case and the outrage!


  15. Robert Lebrun

    Well, I hope you get over your little tendrum with GMA. Grace is an expert and indeed we all know Casey Anthony is guilty. Unfortunately, the jury failed to understand what “beyond any reasonable doubts” really mean. Justice failed today and another murderer is free on street today.


    • Rail

      No, the jury understood full well. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr said “This is not a court of justice, son, but a court of law.” Don’t confuse the two because they are not the same. Is she a scumbag? Yes. Did she do it? Probably. Did the state prove their case? No. Don’t blame the jury, blame a prosecuter that failed to manage the case decently. Blame the media for sensationalizing this case endlessly. I’m less upset at the jury and more upset at us for turning this into a circus with our morbid curiosity.


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