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William And Kate’s Royal Wedding: Enough Already!

Westminster Abbey in London

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Okay, so I’m definitely on Royal Wedding overload. I’ve heard enough about British fascinators (little headband hats), what Kate and Williams guests might or might not eat, where they might or might not go on a honeymoon and which bookmakers are giving odds on which of the three already designed dresses Kate might or might not wear.

I’m all in favor of fun and happy news over what our networks typically spew forth on a daily basis and any news that will give a backseat to Charlie Sheen or Donald Trump is right up my alley but…I think all the networks could be confusing many of us Americans with people who give a damn. Not that we don’t wish William and Kate the best, and not that we don’t think lovingly of his mother on this big day but we really don’t need the 24/7 coverage where Barbara Walters tells us how she has interviewed Princess Diana in the past, Robin Roberts reports on how BIG Westminster Abbey is and Diane Sawyer interviews a third cousin once-removed of Williams to give us some real insight.

Leave it to us Americans to turn this Royal Wedding into a media circus.  Many American news outlets will be reporting from London all week-long. NBC has said their coverage will be comprehensive and aggressive? What the heck does that even mean? It’s a wedding not a war.  ABC will have 20 straight hours of wedding coverage on the 29th starting at 4 a.m. ABC also mentions that Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer will “anchor” the wedding.  Who knew a Royal Wedding needed an American anchor or two? Or actually many more as two billion viewers are expected to watch the wedding on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, E, Bravo, MSNBC and Telemundo among many more.

And just in case you can’t take the day off from work and/or it hasn’t been declared a national holiday in your neck of the woods, the wedding will be streamed live online to IPADS, iPhone applications, Facebook, Yahoo! and Hulu. Even some of our U.S. weather channels this week have been reporting on the weather in Britain. I haven’t checked it out myself but I’m pretty sure we can count on it raining on this parade. It’s not a big deal for the Brits, they are used to it. It will give them all a chance to use those William and Kate souvenir umbrellas to keep all their hats dry.

I won’t be up at 4 a.m. to watch the Royal Wedding  on U.S. channels nor will I be watching our American news media for 20 hours-or any hours for that matter but I might take a peek at the BBC,  something tells me they will know how to cover a British wedding in short order.


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck on GMA; How low can the ratings go?

Good Morning America just became Goodbye America for me. The ABC morning news program that has been my faithful companion along with my cup of coffee every morning for more years than I care to count has added a “TV personality” to its morning show that is a definite deal-breaker for my continued viewing of the show; Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Yes, it is the same whiney, polarizing, ultra-conservative, cry-baby and argumentative woman from ABC’s The View. 

Who makes these “executive” decisions?  Oh right, the ABC executives of course. Who have evidently decided in their infinite wisdom that a woman who was on a reality program (Survivor Australian Outback) and then moved on to a style program (The Look For Less) and then landed on an entertainment/talk/argue venue was perfect for a news program. Credibility? Who cares? 

I am trying not to cloud my judgement by the fact that Diane Sawyer is my idol and that her move to World News left a huge gap in the GMA show. I like her replacement in George Stephanopoulos, he brings a serious sense of credibility to the team of Robin Roberts, JuJu Chang and Sam Champion but where does someone like Hasselbeck fit into this scenario?  She is supposedly going to do “hot button” topics on lifestyle and child-rearing issues. 

So, as viewers we are supposed to  find someone who made horribly insensitive comments on National TV about sports reporter  Erin Andrews costume on Dancing With The Stars, as a credible, reliable  resource for child rearing issues?  Or consider Hasselbeck’s objectivity on lifestyle issues when her high-profile conservative opinions fill the ABC airwaves over at the view?  Her drama on the view is relentless and her high-pitched screeching voice annoying.  Did anyone at GMA do a poll on how many viewers think she is goofy as a bug and can’t stand watching her?  In a word; many.

So, while ABC still lags behind NBC’s Today Show by at least a million viewers a day,  Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer are tops in their time slot and sure don’t have to worry about losing ratings to ABC unless they choose to bring in Snookie as a lifestyle reporter. Without Diane Sawyer around the bigger stars are not as easy to get on GMA and with the addition of Hasselbeck the ratings have nowhere to go but down.  I like the rest of the GMA crew but you can’t tell me they weren’t shocked by the decision to hire Hasselbeck. I’m only one person but after many years I am signing off as a viewer, it’s been nice but the joke isn’t going to be on me. I like current news with my coffee and Hasselbeck is decidedly old news,  not fit for me to view.

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