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Dancing With the Stars premier; Who’s hot and who’s not

I am a Dancing-With-The-Stars TV show addict. I don’t watch those Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, or the Jersey seedy Shore thing or The Housewives of what-ever-county-is-popular this week, but I like dancing. I consider watching “stars’ (for some contestants this term is stretching it) dance or in some cases kinda-dance, highly entertaining.

So I grabbed the popcorn bowl and sat down for some uninterrupted viewing tonight and of course observations;

Right of the bat comedian Margaret Cho, came bouncing down the stairs for the grand entrance at the beginning of the show with her partner and visibly tripped. Hmmm. Not even dancing yet just walking.

Audrina Patridge was the first star dancer and she was not half-bad. She seemed like she had the steps down pat, was on beat and her 19 score out of 30 was okay for the first time out. Her online Bodog sports book odds are 8-1.

Kurt Warner, the former Rams QB was very graceful and looks to have good potential. His sports book odds are 12-1. His judges score was 19.

Kyle Massey,the Disney Channel star was really good. He shot out on the floor like a cannon and his energy was great. The judges were impressed with his first dance. His score was 23. His sports book odds today were 25-1.

Rick Fox, a former NBA Laker champion looked like a giant with shorty Cheryl Burke, even with her 4 in. heels. But despite his size he didn’t appear clumsy and was reasonably graceful for his extreme height. He had great posture and elegance. The judges were equally impressed. His sports book odds today were 11-2. His judges score was 22.

Margaret Cho, an actress and comedian was really great at first but got a little caught up in her winged costume and also fell down at the end, It evidently was a deliberate fall due to her comedic nature, the judges thought the fall was goofy. Her sports book odds as of today were 20-1, her judges score was 15.

Brandy, a singer and performer showed grace and elegance and the judges thought so too. She looked comfortable on the dance floor and her score was 23. Her sports book odds are 3-1.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, started out dancing in a buttoned-up suit and peeled it away to a short red fringe dress. She had the moves memorized but didn’t quite have the beat down pat. She seemed nervous and mom wasn’t there to cheer her on. Her sports book odds are 22-1, her judges score was 18.

Florence Henderson, singer and actress and Brady Bunch mom, is 76 years young and looked fantastic and did a great job for a dancer of any age. The judges said she was great entertainment. Her sports book odds were 25-1 and the judges score was 18.

Singer Michael Bolton, was a little on the clumsy side and was sort of rushing to keep up with the dance. Not at all what I would call graceful but then it’s only the first week. Out of his element and it showed. His sports book odds were 10-1. His judges score was 16.

Mike Sorentino ‘The Situation” from the reality show Jersey Shore, wasn’t as confident on the dance floor as he is in a Jersey Shore bar. Rather clumsy, under-rehearsed, not at all the Mr. Cool he projects on his show. His 80’s style dancing wasn’t impressive to the judges, but they noted he hadn’t been able to rehearse much because of his TV show. His sports book odds are 7-1, way off in my book. His judges score was 15.

Jennifer Grey, “Baby” from the popular movie Dirty Dancing danced to a song from the movie album of Dirty Dancing. She was graceful, elegant, never missed a step or a beat and the dance was very emotional. You could not escape seeing her in the movie with Patrick Swayze as she glided across the floor. Her sports book odds are 7-2. Although I know it’s early, I think she will win the whole shebang. Her judges score was 24, the highest score of the night.

David Hasselhoff, actor in Baywatch among other programs. Looking cool in leather and sunglasses didn’t really help with the moves. Not what I would call agile, or smooth he tried to put a slapstick routine into the mix for humor. But that still doesn’t cover for the lack of dancing skills. His sports book odds are 10-1. I would say he is much more of a longshot than that. His score was 15.

All in all it was a good but not necessarily sit-on-the-edge-of-you-seat showstopper premier. Who will go home first? There are plenty lacking in dance skills on week one, that could go but it will end up a popularity contest as in, who’s hot and who’s not.  If it was truly up to the dancing I think the Hoff or the “Situation” should be among the frist to go.


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The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s comments about Erin Andrews “stupid”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck from the ABC talk show The View should probably do a little less talking and a lot more thinking-before she talks, that is.  This week she was talking about Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin Andrews and her choice of dancewear.  Hasselbeck felt the outfits were too provocative and stated  “Man, if I’m him, I’m like, I could have waited 12 weeks and seen this, without the prison time.”  It was apparently Hasselbecks attempt at humor complete with  bad english and attempt at some kind of hip slang.

This is so not-funny on many levels but the  main reason this is no joke is because Erin Andrews (an ESPN reporter) has been in the news recently because of a much publicized peeping tom incident that included a guy stalking her in at least three cities as she traveled for her work. He took a picture of her through a hotel door peep-hole  and put naked pictures of her on the internet. He has recently been prosecuted.  For Hasselbeck to speak so lightly about something so serious remains one of those , I have a TV platform and can  say whatever I want mysteries.

What really has many television viewers  up-in-arms is the fact that as a Woman and a mother, why would Hasselbeck  think stalking is fodder for humor.  And as a 2001 contestant of the show Survivor,  she spent 39 days (that’s how long she lasted) parading around the Australian Outback in a bikini or that stupid bandana around her chest as if it was really a top.  It was a jungle for God’s sake, shouldn’t she have been wearing long sleeves, long pants etc. to thwart the bugs?  Or, was she perhaps dressing provocatively for the TV cameras?

On Dancing With The Stars, the clothing is called “costumes” and costumes are performance related, either visually and/or for movement and other technical things that I don’t have a clue about and neither does Hasselbeck.  The next day Hasselbeck apparently saw the error of her ways and words and apologized  to Andrews on air in a flood of tears.  Andrews wasn’t there of course, she was probably busy throwing darts at an old Hasselbeck Survivor poster.  But, Andrew’s dancing partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy probably said it best when asked what he thought of Hasselbeck’s comments about his dancing partners clothing. “I design the outfits she wears for the show, so I assume she is jealous-and stupid.”

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Dancing With The Stars not always just about the dancing

Now that the viewers have anointed Dancing With The Stars number one in its’ time slot for the past three weeks over American Idol, I notice a lot more PR tricks of the trade being used.  There is a lot of innuendo floating around and not just about Pamela Anderson’s physical attributes.  Pro dancer Cheryl Burke has been flashing around a large ring, and last week showed off a diamond pendant and she says both were given to her by her partner Chad Ochocinco. She coyly said it was for putting up with him and working so hard. When asked if the ring had any hidden meaning she was pretty much mute and just smiled. 

So now of course, rumors abound about the couple and every one is buzzing about a possible romantic connection. I would lay pretty hefty odds that this “buzz” is exactly what the DWTS producers want and promote regardless if there is a budding romance or not.  Kind of like a “give the people what they want”  blitz .  A gimmick? Sure, but it seems to be working.

Another romance rumor making its way to the  tabloids and beyond is between Erin Andrews (the ESPN reporter) and her pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy.  I think his ego is bigger than the show itself but the couple is doing nothing to confirm or deny a romance. A good ploy for viewers to see if they can spot “true love” amidst the Tango and Two-Step.

I notice that the head judge Len  is getting a lot more air time and sprucing up his usual stodgy appearance with colorful shirts and ties and the whole judging team seems to be “putting on the dog” for the viewers more than they used to.  It is still a fun show even if you catch their obvious ratings boost attempts and overuse  of the double entandre’. 

While I (and many viewers I think) tune in for the dancing, this season I hope the technically best dancers don’t win.  I think Nicole Scherzinger (from the Pussy Cat Dolls) and her partner Derek Hough are probably the best dancers but with a pro-dancer and a pro-entertainer I don’t feel it started out as a level playing field.  A few weeks back when they got chastised by the judges for a bad performance Scherzinger was show in tears stating “But, I’m not like all these other people, I’m a performer.”  I thought to myself, how nice of her to separate herself from the crowd of “other people” (the dancers) .  It was then and there that I decided  that the couple with the best personality that tried the hardest and was the least offensive (arrogance wise) should win.   It’s not always just about the dancing.

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