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Top 10 People Or Things I Don’t Want To Hear About In 2014

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1. Anything Kardashian. I don’t want to hear about their “reality” shows, or their having or not-having babies, their clothing lines, purse lines or lines on their faces. Their boyfriends, husbands, ex-husbands, marriages, divorces, diets, weight gains, sex tapes or general whining about anything. I need a total break from ALL things kardashian–for the rest of my life would be good.

2. Big banks. The only thing I ever want to hear a too-big-to-fail bank utter is; “I’m sorry I screwed up the entire economy, and we will drop our bonuses and a portion of our profits into the laps of the American people as restitution.” Aside from those words I want to hear nothing from these greedy charlatans in 2014.

3. Congress. These people are an embarrassment. Unless they make BIG strides in voting for measures that will actually help the American people, the economy and the jobs front then they need to crawl back under their rocks. I don’t mean a small token vote that will give us a little help for a few months, I mean an actual plan for Americans that puts us first, not them. If they won’t do it, I don’t want to hear any more of their crap whining in 2014–or crying, either.

4. Pseudo journalists. I don’t really need to read the same news story 100 times with no new info. The prevailing wind in journalism lately is taking an already over-done story and changing the words around and making it “your own.”  I guess they call it “spinning.” I call it plagiarism and lazy. I’m sick of this pretend journalism and would love for it to go away in 2014  (ha, ha, fat chance).

5. Twitter freaks. Some idiots on Twitter have turned a once fun, helpful , and sometimes insightful form of communication into a Twitter-robot-boring-marketing extravaganza of lifeless comments and shameless self-promotion. These people need to disappear into the oblivion of cyber-space. What twits.

6.  Pundits. So, everyone with a mouth is a pundit. All it really amounts to, is a person with a point of view. Pundits are not in a secret Mensa club, or even a semi-smart club. It is not a lofty title saved for people who actually have insight, experience and knowledge of a topic anymore. Let’s face it if everybody on Fox Network is a pundit, the term is meaningless. Pundits go away in 2014.

7. People who write books, and call themselves authors–who aren’t.  Just because you eat doesn’t mean you can write a cookbook. If you’re 25 your memoir is short-lived and if you’re Snookie from the Jersey Shore, or an aging star looking to make a few bucks, yes, you can write a book or use a ghostwriter–but that doesn’t mean it’s good. It would be great for the landfills and trees of the world to have less of this garbage clogging up the system in 2014. I won’t even get into the people who write 10 page e-books that they self publish, charge $1.99 and tell people they are published authors. Yes, I love short stories and essays but they need to be really, really good.

8. Women that have babies and get rid of the baby weight in three days. I’m way beyond this age but the Hollywood set seems to be telling women of childbearing ages that you can have a baby and almost like a shot of botox–instantly get rid of the baby weight. And they act like this is normal. When these narcissistic women are the ones that are not normal. Once again they focus on style and looks over substance and smart, emotional and physical health.  My wish for 2014; shallow people go away.

9. Politicians that say they get it, they understand, they’re just like us, they too used to be poor, they want the same things we do, they want to turn the country around and blah, blah, blah. Plain and simple; they are liars. They need to go far, far away in 2014 and/or simply be voted out of office.

10. The sad stories that are becoming the norm. This is America, not some third world country with no resources, no education and no freedom. It is preposterous that the U.S. Government lets Wall Street, big pharma, insurance companies, oil companies and any large business with money–dictate U.S. laws and policy. It is far more than a travesty of justice, it is a sign of a country in crisis, a country in despair and a country that has leaders that put themselves first above all else. I hope to God I don’t have to hear about any more sad stories in 2014, but I know in my heart–it is a dream.

(Wow, my blog is really a rant today with all my whining so I am going to go and read this book; http://amzn.to/1pqRWCJ called “What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions. It’s super popular and I want to find out why everyone is buying it. The reviews look amazing and it should take my mind off whatever my mind needs a break from. I am an Amazon affiliate so if you purchase through my link I get an “absurdly” small commission.



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Barbara Walters 2010 fascinating people include Jersey Shore crew and General Petraeus?

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It’s Thursday night and I’m watching the Barbara Walters top 10 most fascinating people of 2010. She just spent an hour with Oprah, because Oprah’s life more or less commands an hour just to discuss what she is going to do next in her life.  I do find Oprah fascinating, not just because of what she has accomplished but primarily what she has done for others.

Next, she has Justin Bieber on as her second most “fascinating” person interview. He seems nice, but not necessarily fascinating to me. I’m not up on 16-year-old singers but I know he is very popular with the younger set and I guess mothers of the younger set. Walters asks him the hard-hitting question about what he was doing in the back seat of a car with a girl. He said he was kissing her. I guess in Walters’ world this is fascinating.

  Next up on her list is the cast of the Jersey Shore, I forget all  of their names but it doesn’t matter because they are all pretty much interchangeable.  They are discussing in great depth (for them) their slang language skills-I’m starting to nod off.

Next on her list is Sandra Bullock. She is certainly a class act and has gone through hell this year and it is fascinating to me that she never removed her ex-husband from the face of the earth.  Now she is interviewing singer Jennifer Lopez, who said in ten years she sees her life and career as being bigger. Fascinating indeed-but to who?

Lebron James, the basketball player who left Cleveland to go to Miami amidst a firestorm of upset Cleveland fans is evidently considered fascinating by Barbara Walters and/or her producer. He plays basketball,  so do a lot of people (okay, I admit I don’t keep up on all the basketball stuff) .

Kate Middleton is next on Barbara’s list as Prince William’s soon-to-be bride. She isn’t interviewing her in person of course, but is showing clips of her that we have already seen on TV a million times. Since kate hasn’t really ever talked in public yet, it’s hard to say just how fascinating she is.

Now Barbara is  moving on to Sarah Palin who is talking about what she reads.  “C.S. Lewis for divine inspiration and local Alaskan newspapers because that is where her heart is.”  She says that thanks to Katie Couric people don’t think she reads but she does.  I’m sure if she read Lewis it was “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and I would be willing to bet she couldn’t do a book report on it without Cliff Notes.  And even then…doubtful.

Betty White is on the fascination list and I must agree. He career has been long, interesting and entertaining. I find her delightful and funny.

General David Petraeus,  proposed the war surge which has seemed to work and is according to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, among others , a great leader. He, according to Walters is the most fascinating person of 2010. Finally, someone actually fascinating that is trying to  do something for the country instead of himself.  Why then is this top General even thrown into the mix or mentioned in the same breath as the likes of  Palin or the cast of Jersey Shore?  What would really be fascinating is finding out the criteria for who gets on the list. Yeah, I already know. Ratings.

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Dancing With the Stars premier; Who’s hot and who’s not

I am a Dancing-With-The-Stars TV show addict. I don’t watch those Bachelor/Bachelorette shows, or the Jersey seedy Shore thing or The Housewives of what-ever-county-is-popular this week, but I like dancing. I consider watching “stars’ (for some contestants this term is stretching it) dance or in some cases kinda-dance, highly entertaining.

So I grabbed the popcorn bowl and sat down for some uninterrupted viewing tonight and of course observations;

Right of the bat comedian Margaret Cho, came bouncing down the stairs for the grand entrance at the beginning of the show with her partner and visibly tripped. Hmmm. Not even dancing yet just walking.

Audrina Patridge was the first star dancer and she was not half-bad. She seemed like she had the steps down pat, was on beat and her 19 score out of 30 was okay for the first time out. Her online Bodog sports book odds are 8-1.

Kurt Warner, the former Rams QB was very graceful and looks to have good potential. His sports book odds are 12-1. His judges score was 19.

Kyle Massey,the Disney Channel star was really good. He shot out on the floor like a cannon and his energy was great. The judges were impressed with his first dance. His score was 23. His sports book odds today were 25-1.

Rick Fox, a former NBA Laker champion looked like a giant with shorty Cheryl Burke, even with her 4 in. heels. But despite his size he didn’t appear clumsy and was reasonably graceful for his extreme height. He had great posture and elegance. The judges were equally impressed. His sports book odds today were 11-2. His judges score was 22.

Margaret Cho, an actress and comedian was really great at first but got a little caught up in her winged costume and also fell down at the end, It evidently was a deliberate fall due to her comedic nature, the judges thought the fall was goofy. Her sports book odds as of today were 20-1, her judges score was 15.

Brandy, a singer and performer showed grace and elegance and the judges thought so too. She looked comfortable on the dance floor and her score was 23. Her sports book odds are 3-1.

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, started out dancing in a buttoned-up suit and peeled it away to a short red fringe dress. She had the moves memorized but didn’t quite have the beat down pat. She seemed nervous and mom wasn’t there to cheer her on. Her sports book odds are 22-1, her judges score was 18.

Florence Henderson, singer and actress and Brady Bunch mom, is 76 years young and looked fantastic and did a great job for a dancer of any age. The judges said she was great entertainment. Her sports book odds were 25-1 and the judges score was 18.

Singer Michael Bolton, was a little on the clumsy side and was sort of rushing to keep up with the dance. Not at all what I would call graceful but then it’s only the first week. Out of his element and it showed. His sports book odds were 10-1. His judges score was 16.

Mike Sorentino ‘The Situation” from the reality show Jersey Shore, wasn’t as confident on the dance floor as he is in a Jersey Shore bar. Rather clumsy, under-rehearsed, not at all the Mr. Cool he projects on his show. His 80’s style dancing wasn’t impressive to the judges, but they noted he hadn’t been able to rehearse much because of his TV show. His sports book odds are 7-1, way off in my book. His judges score was 15.

Jennifer Grey, “Baby” from the popular movie Dirty Dancing danced to a song from the movie album of Dirty Dancing. She was graceful, elegant, never missed a step or a beat and the dance was very emotional. You could not escape seeing her in the movie with Patrick Swayze as she glided across the floor. Her sports book odds are 7-2. Although I know it’s early, I think she will win the whole shebang. Her judges score was 24, the highest score of the night.

David Hasselhoff, actor in Baywatch among other programs. Looking cool in leather and sunglasses didn’t really help with the moves. Not what I would call agile, or smooth he tried to put a slapstick routine into the mix for humor. But that still doesn’t cover for the lack of dancing skills. His sports book odds are 10-1. I would say he is much more of a longshot than that. His score was 15.

All in all it was a good but not necessarily sit-on-the-edge-of-you-seat showstopper premier. Who will go home first? There are plenty lacking in dance skills on week one, that could go but it will end up a popularity contest as in, who’s hot and who’s not.  If it was truly up to the dancing I think the Hoff or the “Situation” should be among the frist to go.

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