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Osama Bin Laden:Beating a Dead Horse in a Civilized Society

SEALs in from the water.

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It’s no use beating a dead horse. Osama Bin Laden is dead as a doornail and showing all the gory details (the pictures) will not make him more dead. I happen to agree with President Obama’s stance on not showing the American people Bin Laden’s blown-up skull.  What for?  So the pictures can be used for a made-for-TV-movie?  Or blown up as wallpaper for some sick-o’s computer?

Or better yet,  so we can incite more international problems and jeopardize our national security even more  just to appease a small segment of the population that only believes what they see? Showing Bin Laden’s dead photos could possibly ignite even more trouble for the U.S. from other countries and only prove that we are as uncivilized as he and his lot were.  It would look like a banner or feather in our cap or like we were gloating. I agree with Obama when he said he was not showing the photos because “That’s not who we are?”

The Navy Seals did a magnificent job. They put their lives on the line for us and got rid of the #1 terrorist in the world. His body was disposed of in a civilized manner which is far more than he did when he killed thousands of Americans at the World Trade Center and disposed of their lives.

I originally thought that his blown-off face should be plastered all over the world to show other terrorists just what could become of them if they continued down his path. But then I realized that I was not brought up in a classless society that did not respect death or giving someone a proper burial even though I don’t  feel Bin Laden really deserved one. This does not mean I am respecting the person. To me he is Satan himself.

I’m sure that this issue will become a new political platform for some far right nutcase wanna-be-presidential candidate grabbing at straws to run on. I guess it would be a lot easier than running on real issues facing us Americans and since the Obama birth certificate issue has been finally put to rest,  bringing up a “but is he really dead” issue is sure to be somebody’s trump card.  I happen to believe President Obama and while trying not to gloat I can’t help but quietly say “ding dong the wicked witch is dead.”


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