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Sarah Palin’s Magical Mystery Rogue Bus Tour Starts Rolling Today

Sarah Palin - Caribou Hunt

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You don’t need tickets but donations are requested, sought after and as welcome as a homemade caribou stew.  Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin began a bus tour today that will tour the eastern U.S. and other points unknown (the bus stops are evidently top secret until she is ready to spill the beans).  She calls it the “One Nation Tour” and her “people” say that the bus will tour historical sites that were key to the formation, survival and growth of the U.S.  I don’t quite know what all that exactly means but rest assured it is all very Palin patriotic. I call it the Magical Mystery Rogue Bus Tour because well, after all she is a self-proclaimed rogue and it seems a mystery to me that if she isn’t going to run for the Republican nomination then the bus tour must hold some other to-be-explained magic.

The bus is red, white and blue and has a bigger than life U.S. Constitution painted on it along with some of the lines of the Pledge of Allegiance. The back of the bus has the painted words “Join the Fundamental Restoration of America.” The bus is large and is quite the attention grabber but the bus route outside of “going up the east coast” is mired in mystery. Her website shows a map of a few stops with todays hot spot stop, Washington D.C.  After checking out her website where it noted Palin is embarking on a tour, I could only think what kind of tour? Comedy tour? Speaking Tour?  The fundamental restoration of America thing never crossed my mind. Silly me.  I figured she was testing the waters to be a Republican nominee for President and join the other dozen or so candidates. There are so many candidates and potential candidates now, it’s kind of like club Repub.

So today Palin showed up in Washington D.C. to take part in the “Rolling Thunder” motorcycle ride. It began at the Pentagon and ended at the Vietnam Memorial.  Clad in a leather jacket, she was on the back of a motorcycle driven by her daughter Willow.  Her husband Todd and daughter Bristol were on separate bikes.  Not all the bikers were pleased with the reporters and publicity Palin and her family were receiving.  I guess they felt the Palin’s were stealing their “thunder.” Participants are typically Vietnam Vets and their families.

I don’t know what Palin has up her sleeve or even in her bus but she has purchased a $1.7 million dollar house in Scottsdale Arizona. It could be a respite from the cold Alaskan winters or to keep an eye on Bristol who also has an Arizona home.  It could also be an easier spot geographically to throw her hat into the club Repub ring.  Either way–there goes the neighborhood.


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Donald Trump and Sarah Palin: Dumb and Dumber

Title card

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Evidently we now have two quasi-maybe-possible U.S. Presidential candidates that are like-minded when it comes to what they think most Americans find really important. Even with our present crappy economic problems and polarizing political climate looming  Sarah Palin  recently chose to  jump on Donald Trump‘s bandwagon of “Show us the birth certificate” President Obama, which they both seem to feel is unfinished priority business.  I guess because running on this type of platform is better than no platform at all.  And you get to go on those newsy chat shows like Fox and Friends and expound on whatever you want as long as it is shallow, repetitive and without merit. This duo truly is the Dumb and Dumber of our current political scene.

Trump, with his feet planted firmly in egomaniac mode has hired a private investigative team to look under rocks and Hawaiian flora and fauna to find Obama’s birth certificate because he doesn’t believe the one that was presented by the state of Hawaii is real or legal or I guess, up to Trumps standards of reality which of course are based on reality television.

Now Palin, who once actually said she believed Obama’s birth certificate was real and felt the birther movement was annoying and a distraction has now flipped her switch over to the dumb side stating that maybe Trump has a point or something…Of course she also had her own reality show so possibly the reality is that ego trumps all and it doesn’t really matter what facts are presented. Maybe when you are a rogue and a maverick you are supposed to spend your time waffling back and forth between fact and fiction and jumping on the nearest outspoken/crazy bandwagon?

Right now, potential presidential candidates for 2012 are a dime a dozen with no clear front-runner at all for the Republicans. So it could very well be that the most outrageous and off-the-wall candidate could win. While we as Americans concern ourselves with the debt ceiling, jobs, healthcare, taxes and real life matters, we have potential candidates like dumb and dumber that just want to take us all for a ride.  Nothing unusual for American politics to be sure but it would be nice to get rid of the clutter and quit making our politics a joke.

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Barbara Walters 2010 fascinating people include Jersey Shore crew and General Petraeus?

Journalist Barbara Walters, at the Metropolita...

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It’s Thursday night and I’m watching the Barbara Walters top 10 most fascinating people of 2010. She just spent an hour with Oprah, because Oprah’s life more or less commands an hour just to discuss what she is going to do next in her life.  I do find Oprah fascinating, not just because of what she has accomplished but primarily what she has done for others.

Next, she has Justin Bieber on as her second most “fascinating” person interview. He seems nice, but not necessarily fascinating to me. I’m not up on 16-year-old singers but I know he is very popular with the younger set and I guess mothers of the younger set. Walters asks him the hard-hitting question about what he was doing in the back seat of a car with a girl. He said he was kissing her. I guess in Walters’ world this is fascinating.

  Next up on her list is the cast of the Jersey Shore, I forget all  of their names but it doesn’t matter because they are all pretty much interchangeable.  They are discussing in great depth (for them) their slang language skills-I’m starting to nod off.

Next on her list is Sandra Bullock. She is certainly a class act and has gone through hell this year and it is fascinating to me that she never removed her ex-husband from the face of the earth.  Now she is interviewing singer Jennifer Lopez, who said in ten years she sees her life and career as being bigger. Fascinating indeed-but to who?

Lebron James, the basketball player who left Cleveland to go to Miami amidst a firestorm of upset Cleveland fans is evidently considered fascinating by Barbara Walters and/or her producer. He plays basketball,  so do a lot of people (okay, I admit I don’t keep up on all the basketball stuff) .

Kate Middleton is next on Barbara’s list as Prince William’s soon-to-be bride. She isn’t interviewing her in person of course, but is showing clips of her that we have already seen on TV a million times. Since kate hasn’t really ever talked in public yet, it’s hard to say just how fascinating she is.

Now Barbara is  moving on to Sarah Palin who is talking about what she reads.  “C.S. Lewis for divine inspiration and local Alaskan newspapers because that is where her heart is.”  She says that thanks to Katie Couric people don’t think she reads but she does.  I’m sure if she read Lewis it was “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and I would be willing to bet she couldn’t do a book report on it without Cliff Notes.  And even then…doubtful.

Betty White is on the fascination list and I must agree. He career has been long, interesting and entertaining. I find her delightful and funny.

General David Petraeus,  proposed the war surge which has seemed to work and is according to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, among others , a great leader. He, according to Walters is the most fascinating person of 2010. Finally, someone actually fascinating that is trying to  do something for the country instead of himself.  Why then is this top General even thrown into the mix or mentioned in the same breath as the likes of  Palin or the cast of Jersey Shore?  What would really be fascinating is finding out the criteria for who gets on the list. Yeah, I already know. Ratings.

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Sarah Palin tells Entertainment Tonight she might run for President in 2012

How appropriate is it that Sarah Palin chose an entertainment venue to let us know “she would consider” running for President in 2012?  In an Entertainment Tonight piece airing Thursday and Friday,  She told the tabloid host Mary Hart that she would think about running after it was discussed with her family and all were in agreement and if she felt that no one running (as a Republican) could do a good job. She said right now, she is just getting the lay of the land. I don’t know what that statement means, so I guess it is open to interpretation, kind of like a definite maybe. I am really curious about the yardstick she will use to measure the other potential candidates on doing a good job. I also wonder if Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are aware they are being closely monitored by Palin and her crew and if she doesn’t deem them up-to-snuff then she just might have to jump into the fray of  the I’m-not-running-but-really-I-am candidates.

In the Thursday ET show Palin showed Hart around her home in Alaska, quite a large estate that Palin said “Todd and his buddies built’. She called it a nice, homey, shelter. Making it sound like Todd and his buddies built some kind of lean-to-tree-house thingy. It is actually a large house on a lake with what appears to be a lot of property. So much for the down-home, we’re just regular folks living in the back-woods of Alaska tour.

Television viewers however, will get to see much more of Palin and her family Nov. 14 when her TLC program “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” premiers and  the “event” as it is being called will air for eight weeks.  Even though the show consists of her real life, with her real family, in her real home town. Palin told Hart on ET that this is not a “reality show”. The trailer for the new show does show her doing “real” mom type things however like; fishing, kayaking, skiing, watching bears etc. , the type of things most regular moms can relate to.

So while Palin mulls over her television future with TLC and her political future with the RNP, Americans can be assured that as an ex-Alaska Governor who quit before her term was up to write books and join the circus, (political speaking for money circus), she will keep the interests of all us regular-folk Americans in mind when making her decision to run or not. You Betcha!


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