I worked at Chicago area newspapers for 15 years as a reporter, columnist and editor, ultimately managing three newspapers. Then ran away to the mountains of Colorado a number of years ago to catch a breath of fresh air and sanity. Like many ex-news people it’s hard to shut my pie hole with so much going on around me. So, I dusted off my old Chicago area vanity license plate and decided it would make a good blog title (Newsy1).

My blog isn’t think-tank material  of course and sometimes I rant and rave and/or see the humor in things that aren’t supposed to be funny but I enjoy myself and don’t take myself or anyone else too seriously. Even though I freelance and have written for AOL/Huffington Post , Gadling and other online sites, this blog started my internet writing venture and is still my favorite thing to do. I am the author of Widows Like Me, which is available at Amazon for a mere .99. (sorry about the shameless self-promotion). Thanks for stopping by.


9 responses to “About

  1. Yang

    Glad I stopped by. Fed up with company talk and government talk. It’s great to read genuine articles where you speak up your mind. Please keep posting =)


  2. Abi

    I am in love with you blog. Literally… Going through all your post at the moment instead of doing my essay on MDGs


  3. anne louise

    just found you today via the Huffington Post. Ya got style – think I’ll stick around!


  4. Wow, you’re very accomplished, I’ve been looking at some of your links! Thank you for commenting on my FP blogpost a couple of months ago, I have been remiss in not visiting my commenters’ blogs until now. Like you, my blog gives me great personal pleasure.


  5. I’ve enjoyed your writing so far. I’ll be back for more. Glad I stopped by.


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