Survivor’s villian Russell so hated he gets no votes

The nine voting panel of this seasons Survivor crew definitely outwitted hated player Russell Hantz.  As it got down to the final three tonight  with Russell, Pavarty and Sandra, he got no votes.  Sandra, was voted the surprise winner. Russell was so hated by the players, but it never dawned on him that his hateful, devious, spiteful ways would turn into no votes.

Parvaty won the second most challenges in Survivor history yet the voters felt she had aligned herself with Russell to get to the end, and that lost her the million dollars. Sandra has never won a challenge in any of her Survivor games, and didn’t really do anything extraordinary but the voting panel seemed to think she was loyal and nice. Kind of like a default vote. The panel seemed to be voting more against Russell and anyone in alliance with him than for someone. Sandra made her dislike for Russell well-known from the beginning so whether she outlasted, outwitted and outsmarted anyone it really didn’t matter.  Hating Russell was her ticket to the million.

On the first half of tonight’s show Russell won an immunity challenge and so Jerri, Parvarti and Sandra were vying for inclusion in the final three with Russell. He originally was going to have Jerri and Sandra go as the final three with him. He told Sandra that no one would vote for her because she didn’t do anything. He decided Jerri should be voted off because she would then vote for him to get the one million. (what a joke).  This is the second time that Russell has gotten to the finals and has not won.   I wonder if he gets it yet?


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