Rielle Hunter Book Hits High (NYT Best Seller List) And Low: Content

 I got an advance copy of “What Really Happened” a number of weeks ago with a request to write a review for the Rielle Hunter book about her, John Edwards and their daughter. I quickly responded no. It had to be a mistake I figured , as no PR firm or publisher in their right mind would want ME to review trash because I invariably would say it is trash. They must have had me mixed up with someone who blogs about books with nice pithy prose or is impressed enough with freebies to write about only the good stuff. Trust me, this book had no good stuff. Also, they must not have caught my blog of 2010 about Rielle Hunter on Oprah, that has me high on the not-a-fan-of-Hunter list.

Now, I must fully disclose that I could not finish this book. However, I am a master at the art of skimming. And I must say, so is Rielle Hunter. The book is full of her own self-aggrandizement, sounding like she accidentally fell in love with a married man and never once owning up to her role in the break-up and destruction of the Edward’s marriage. She claims the marriage was over before she arrived on the scene yet, who is she to say this? Even if it is true it is still her interpretation of a he-said, she-said conversation. She seems to have no remorse in this book for anything she has done but simply wants to tell “her side” of the story. But, her side of the story is just too flawed and unreal. She speaks horribly of Edward’s (now dead) wife Elizabeth who suffered immeasurably with not only her terminal illness but with the embarrassment, humiliation and most likely heartache of what her husband of 32 years put her through. At times Hunter acts like she is outside looking in, when in fact, she is in the midst of it all acting like someone with a schoolgirl crush. Her book comes off like everything is okay if you are in love, no matter who you hurt or what you help destroy in the process.

The book is actually pretty sickening to read and judging by the  99 customer (so far) one and two-star (out of five) reviews on Amazon, I am not alone in my opinion. Yet, the combined e-book/print version is today (July 8) number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. But then this is a world where the number one book on the New York Times Best Seller List today  is “Becoming Sister Wives” by the clan of TLC’s “reality” show about polygamous marriage–and I assume most who read the book paid. There really is a sucker born every…



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15 responses to “Rielle Hunter Book Hits High (NYT Best Seller List) And Low: Content

  1. Sue

    Well, I read the book. It was interesting to hear her point of view. We can rationalize any sort of behavior in this world and I wanted to hear her voice.

    Well, after catching writing errors throughout, and hearing the negative comments about E. Edwards ( I had heard all of that before-nothing new here), I then began to feel repulsed by the political process. I mean, she is not unlike a lot of people, but I wanted more out of John Edwards. He was the one married. He is the one who stayed married to E. because of the politics. Noone twisted his arm and this was not his first rodeo. She was looking and he was as well.

    I am not making any excuses, but when I was in my 20’s and going to conferences for work, I saw a lot of this same behavior. It was usually older men and younger women and very common. The only real difference, she was in her 40’s and when she got pregnant, she decided to keep the baby. Had she been younger, her decision might have been different, I am sure. This is the key difference.


    • You’re right about the age thing. And I too used to see plenty of 40-something men with the 20 year olds. I did stupid stuff in my 20’s but thank God, it wasn’t platered all over for the world to see. They were both acting like teens without an ounce of common sense.


  2. How could her book make it to the bestseller list ?? Guess if her honey bought 6000 copies to support her, it could.


  3. The idea of scandal has taken on a completely different meaning in the last twenty years. I really think a lot of people go looking for it, because it almost ensures fame and fortune. Thank you for refusing to add to the mess.


    • I always question myself on such topics because I hate to give undue publicity, but heck, I’m only a small blog and I love ranting about idiots. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog.


  4. Well done. I have no interest at all in the book. It’s another example of someone try to make money off of behaving badly. I’m more perplexed at why on earth people would spend money on it. Prurient taste some people have for titillation, I guess.
    I’m here from Susie’s party. It’s been a fun week discovering people’s blogs! I’ll be back!


  5. Hi, thought I’d stop by and thank you again for visiting my blog. I really appreciate this post. I can’t stand people who try to make money off of such a despicable situation like this. I would never be interested in this story enough to want to read her book. Especially if she has no remorse. What a waste.

    But your review was really worthwhile. 🙂


  6. I saw her recent interview on the view and yea, she should have just stayed quiet…but i guess there is a price for anyone willing to make a fool of themselves. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog


  7. Well done!
    By the way, Susie sent me…


  8. Oh man, RIGHT after reading your review shaking my head at all the poor schmucks who wasted their time on this book, I went online and checked out the Oprah video interview! Hee hee. Pride goeth before a fall. P.S. It was just as disgusting as you said. Happy reading better things (thank you to Susie for sending me)


  9. Sounds like she really messed things up. It may have been better for her to slip out quietly than to defend indefensible self…
    Great post!
    Glad you stopped by the party. I hope you are meeting (clicking on links) lots of my friends!


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