Hey! Letterman! Do you kiss your child with that mouth?

Night time talk show host David Letterman and/or his gaggle of “writers”, must have reached their collective peak a while back now that they are scrounging for jokes about 14 year old children. I’m sure you have already heard over and over the non-funny details but really What was he/they thinking? Just because his star doesn’t shine too brightly anymore, and he’s too tired from running around after his own 6 year old doesn’t mean he has to resort to bullying children humor. They are trying to stop that in schools now you know, so maybe Letterman needs a lesson or two in appropriate child-adult behavior.


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One response to “Hey! Letterman! Do you kiss your child with that mouth?

  1. Jeff

    The definition or legality of “minor” has nothing to do with this. The ridicule of a teenage daughter in any context is completely inappropriate, especially on live TV in front of millions. As the parent of a teenage daughter, I could care less if the child was 14, 16 or 19… I believe Mr Letterman and his “writers” (I use that term loosely) have really hit rock bottom!


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