Palin joins the FOX team for dumbed-down news and you betcha’ insight

I caught the Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck pony show the other night on FOX and I swear I was watching the Christian Broadcasting Network. The only discernable difference I could see was they weren’t asking for any money. Beck sat there with his journal in hand and Palin gushed “It’s wonderful to be part of a place that values fair and balanced news”. Beck would occasionally quote scripture as well as thoughts from his journal and Palin would occasionally quote herself; “As I have said before, blah,blah,blah.” It was what I would call a very weird television experience. Beck was over-the-top-nice and Palin was as low key as I’ve ever seen her as she spoke of “what Americans really want.” Of course she never mentioned how she knew what Americans wanted, or if a bunch of Americans called her up to tell her what they wanted but never-the-less she at least thinks she knows what we want so that pretty much makes her a typical politician. And, Palin wants to be anything but typical.

FOX honchos brought in Palin to their “team” to provide insight, analysis and special political coverage. She is also slated to host “Real American Stories” on FOX according to vp of programming Bill Shine. Which he said are real life tales of overcoming adversity. Hopefully the FOX teleprompters are all in working order so her somewhat “diverse” (one of her favorite words) language skills can stay on cue. FOX has given her a great platform to spew forth her wit and wisdom and go forth to the masses with her mass media degree from one of those six colleges she attended. So will the FOX crew now have to rise to the occasion of Palin or dumb down? Will Beck and the rest quit pandering to her and treading softly or will she be treated as any other biased FOX employee? After all, she could be a potential quitter presidential candidate somewhere down the road.

Bill O’Reilly asked Palin on his show this week why some “pinheads” seem threatened by her. Palin answered “It’s not about me personally, they don’t like my message. The common sense conservative solution that I think I can represent and articulate”. If like me you didn’t  understand this last sentence of hers, then that means you have to “dumb down” with the rest of us.  Oh, and Sarah, just so you know, it is personal.


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