What is a teabagger, who are teabaggers and where are they really headed?

“I’m a little teabagger short and stout…   Well,  not totally true,  most teabaggers (Tea Party Patriots) are actually white, middle and upper middle class Republicans, with some Libertarians and Centrists thrown in for good measure.  The acronym TEA stands for taxed enough already.  Teabaggers actually hate their moniker because it has a  sexually explicit derogatory meaning in urban slang and prefer Tea Party Patriots (I don’t blame them for this one) . Never-the-less, in spite of or because they hate the name teabaggers, it has stuck.

The original Tea Party Patriots originated from the Boston Tea Party and pretty much started the American Revolution protesting taxation without representation. The teabaggers of today don’t seem to quite have a handle on what they are protesting, so they protest everything. Most teabagger protests are peaceful gatherings, non-violent people with big mouths.  They often evoke images, slogans and themes taken from the American Revolution.  They make a lot of signs, they apparently like signs, and they like media attention of course, and they love FOX News because FOX regularly covers their “events” just as if they were real news instead of just people complaining and whining and becoming part of the problem instead of the solution.

Sometimes teabaggers protest wasteful spending by wasting our time listening to their rants, and sometimes they protest wasteful spending by forming their own corporation and paying a speaker (Sarah Palin) $100,000. to smile, wink and nod and tell us that she and the teabaggers are the “real” Americans.  I sort of lost track of everything they are against but so far they are against increased taxes (aren’t we all?) , the National debt, TARP bailout money, bonuses for bank CEO’s,  big government, socialism, reasonable health care for all and basically anything that President Obama or his administration is trying to do for the American people that voted them in office.  The way I see it, being pissed off because you lost an election does not make a political movement.

Many teabaggers get their ideas and support from the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and the whole FOX News crew.  They show up on You Tube, Twitter, Wikipedia and dissent to their heart’s content. Some people equate their dissension  to hate-fueled racism backed by ignorance and stupidity because many teabaggers are also “Birthers” (people who do not think our President is an American citizen).  Yet, others agree with some of their ideas yet don’t want to be aligned with some nut case Sarah Palin/Newt Gingrich led group.  I don’t know who has the answers to all this, but I’m sure the teabaggers don’t.  They have a bus now run by Our Country Deserves Better called The Tea Party Express.  Word is, no one wants to sit in the back of it and it’s on the road headed to never never land.

(The Tea Party Guide to Being An American;  http://amzn.to/1mzfWHL  is a funny look at one authors thoughts on being a Teabagger and what it all means to him. Someone gave me a copy as a joke but it really was funny. I am an Amazon affiliate so I stand to get a tiny commission on this sure-to-not-be-a-bestseller but funny none-the-less book.)



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7 responses to “What is a teabagger, who are teabaggers and where are they really headed?

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  2. Not that tis reply will change anything: teabaggers miscontrue the Boston Party. No equitable taxation for billionaires has enjoyed a long history of representation from the Right, starting with Alexander Hamilton, the goffer encouraged by The Bank of England. Some speculate that the Left side of aisle has been complicit. My take is that the Tea folks, if they had the moral maturity to step into the shoes of those most vulnerable to the tea and crumpets these folks seek, they would be hard-pressed to swear allegiance to their agenda. Wise-fools—-all of them.

    the Tea people live in the middle and lower classes, just for a day. And, whatever religious conservatism fuels the Bag-stance, will, inevitably, enjoy noting more than a short life span. The world consciousness wil no longer tolerate


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  5. rasmus11

    A teabagger rally is where a few bigmouths go to manipulate a bunch of nuts.. ;¬{D


    • Debbie

      ha ha, liberals are not all nuts, just the uneducated ones. More and more individuals are getting off the tea party bus thank heavens.


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